Dr. Rak Kim

Dr. Rak Kim

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Environmental Governance

Postdoctoral Research Projects

  1. Vacant, 2024-2026. (Apply here)
  2. Vacant, 2024-2026. (Apply here)

PhD Research Projects

  1. Ashok Vardhan Adipudi, 2021-present.
  2. Isik Girgiç, 2021-present.
  3. Paul Lucas, 2019-present. Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals: Goals Structuring and Target Setting
  4. Abbie Yunita, 2019-present. Recursive Shifts: Manifestations of the Sustainable Development Goals in Contemporary Development Practice
  5. Melanie van Driel, 2019-2024. Global Goalsetting as a Policy Response: The Impact of the Sustainable Development Goals on International Organizations
  6. Maya Bogers, 2019-2023. Integrating Global Sustainability Governance: How the Sustainable Development Goals Impact Institutional and Policy Integration at the Global Level
  7. Miranda Boettcher, 2018-2022. Language, Knowledge, Power: The Discursive Construction of Climate Engineering Governance
  8. Dona Barirani, 2016-2022. Change and Integration of International Environmental Institutions in Global Governance

MSc Thesis Research Projects

  1. Amy Sun, 2024-present.
  2. Cormac Watson, 2024-present.
  3. Wiktoria Gradzka, 2024-present.
  4. Laura Bengel, 2023-preesnt.
  5. Leon Wagenknecht, 2023. Imagining a multiplanetary future: Elon Musk's impact on the sustainability discourse
  6. Lucie Oelschläger, 2023. NGOs – the holistic protectors of the environment? A network analysis on the interconnection of climate and biodiversity in Germany's climate NGOs
  7. Sem Jans, 2023. Estimating problem shifting from the Minamata Convention on Mercury: An assessment of the policy response and unintended impacts induced by the implementation of the Minamata Convention
  8. Renate Reitsma, 2022. Future-proofing institutions by entering dangerous territory
  9. Elliot Kelly, 2022. Cascading problems through the Ramsar Convention
  10. Jannah Wijermars, 2022. Facilitation for the future: The Ozone Secretariat's role during the Kigali Amendment negotiations
  11. Thomas Gruben, 2022. The effects of short-termism on sectoral problem shifting
  12. Minttu Hänninen, 2021. Directionality of problem shifting between international environmental regimes and its impacts on fragmentation
  13. Aashima Singh, 2021. Consumption-based targets for food: Investigation of the differences in their adoption by C40 Cities
  14. Avalon van der Wal, 2021. Ambitious urban climate policy: A qualitative comparative analysis on variation in urban climate ambition in terms of target setting
  15. Hanneke van Haeff, 2021. Organizational legitimacy as an incentive for companies to set science-based targets and shape a more attractive investor profile
  16. Robbin de Jong, 2021. To adopt or not: The influence of institutional pressures on science-based targets adoption
  17. Carolina Halevy, 2020. From fragmentation to polycentricity: The manifestation of the hybrid approach throughout the intergovernmental conferences on biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction
  18. Jonathan Hirschhäuser, 2020. Environmental problem shifting between international environmental treaty regimes
  19. Freek Terberg, 2020. All hands on deck: A realist perspective on EU-China climate change cooperation
  20. Tom Peek, 2019. Mapping integration and coherence in Sustainable Development Goal implementation by the United Nations System
  21. Jaz Hereford, 2019. Impact of the Global Environmental Facility on multilateral environmental agreement fragmentation
  22. Oana Forestier, 2019. Prioritisation of SDGs: National trends, international assistance, and global governance implications
  23. Sam Tenniswood, 2018. Power and fragmentation in global governance architectures: Global North vs. Global South at the biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction negotiations
  24. Yangyue Li, 2018. Policy changes under the influence of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets: A case study of the United Kingdom
  25. Rory O’Brien, 2017. Orchestrating SDG policy: Assessing the use of orchestration as a governance mode to affect Sustainable Development Goal policy change
  26. Andri Zainal Kari, 2017. Refining Indonesian civil society organization participation for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
  27. Rhiannon Martinez, 2017. Conch gone? Assessing the management of the Bahamian queen conch fishery
  28. Corentin Bialais, 2016. References to multilateral environmental agreements in trade agreements through the lens of complex systems theories
  29. Hanna Ahlström, 2015. Institutional structures and actor collaborations for the governance of global nitrogen and phosphorus cycles: Investigating polycentric order

BSc Thesis Research Projects

  1. Emma Field, 2023. Investigating the effects of right-wing populism on IEA ratification in Europe
  2. Cors Gardeniers, 2023. Privatization and sustainability in United States space discourse
  3. Naomi Jankee, 2023. A framework to measure and assess inter-institutional transparency and its relation to coordination between overlapping environmental organizations
  4. Misha Midavoodi, 2023. Marine genetic resources, access and benefit sharing under the UN BBNJ Treaty: An analysis
  5. Archie Redman, 2023. Assessing sustainable investment behaviour and the complexities of sustainable finance disclosure regulation: Insights from the industry
  6. Rianne Zwaan, 2022. How a climate case has the potential to induce bottom-up societal transformation
  7. Yannick Egberink, 2022. A multi-disciplinary analysis of information gathering for the adoption of solar panels by older adults
  8. Robert Laan, 2022. Why the Dutch farmers took it to the streets: An analysis of the backlash in the agricultural sector towards the Dutch Nitrogen Reduction and Nature Improvement Program
  9. Dorine Bezema, 2022. How to increase the interest in adopting car-sharing among young adults?
  10. Jannah Wijermars, 2020. Sink or swim: Politically feasible cross-border relocation options for citizens of Tuvalu under threat by sea-level rise
  11. Helge Giezeman, 2020. The influence of scientists on international organizations lawmaking: A case study on the Legal and Technical Commission's influence on the development of the Mining Code of the International Seabed Authority
  12. Jorian van Oostrum, 2020. Analyzing the relation between interdisciplinary research and success in seagrass restoration projects
  13. Maaike Thimm, 2020. A framework for conditions of success for an environmental meat tax: A structured literature analysis and verification with Denmark's fat tax

Research Assistantship

  1. Mara Scheibenreif, 2022.
  2. Lucie Oelschläger, 2022.
  3. Heikke Merilin Raidma, 2021-2022.
  4. Pien Barnas, 2021-2022.
  5. Christopher Krüger, 2021-2022.
  6. Jia Qi Hu, 2021-2022.
  7. Claire Hermsen, 2021-2022.