Prof. dr. Ronette Gehring

Prof. dr. Ronette Gehring

One Health Pharmacology

Through her research, Ronette seeks to understand inter- and intraspecies differences in how animals react to chemicals used as medicines. She applies this knowledge to seek and improve pharmacotherapeutic approaches to treat disease and alleviate pain and suffering in a wide variety of animal species. Computer-based models are a key tool in this research to summarize, analyze, interpret, and integrate pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data from both in vivo and in vitro experiments. These models are then applied to design safe and effective dosage regimens for a variety of classes of medicines, ranging from antimicrobials and antiparasitics to pain relievers, in different target animal populations. They are also applied to assess the risk for drug residues in food of animal origin and the development of antimicrobial resistance.

Afgesloten projecten
Platform to beat psittacosis (ZonMW) 01-01-2014 tot 31-12-2019
Algemene projectbeschrijving

National research project in collaborations with various other institutes (e.g. WUR, RIVM, NVWA, GGD) which aims to develop a one health approach to zoonotic chlamydiosis in humans and birds. 

Individuele projectbeschrijving

As a collaborator in this project, my role is to participate in the analysis and interpretation of plasma pharmacokinetic data and feces concentrations.

2e geldstroom - overig Gefinancierd door ZonMW
Overige projectleden
  • Jeanet van der Goot (WBVR)
  • Marloes Heijne (WBVR)