Curating the Contemporary: Les ImmatériauxRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
17 Dec 2023
Waves and SpiritsRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
5 Dec 2023
, Thinking Islands
To Imagine the Earth (and Ourselves)Otherwise: Introducing New Materialism and Posthumanism in Times of CrisisRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
17 Nov 2023
Thinking IslandsRick Dolphijn (Participant)
5 Oct 2023
The Materiality of LanguageRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
29 Sept 2023
WoundednessRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
12 Sept 2023
Performance the Shadows of Death (on Mourning and Woundedness)Rick Dolphijn (Speaker)
10 Sept 2023
Dreaming the Island: on Freud, Grotius and ToerRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
4 Sept 2023
, critical island studies
Liquid Grounds: Michel Serres and GeometryRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
20 Jun 2023
, Seminar Michel Serres
Fair Food Seminar: ConvivialityRick Dolphijn (Participant)
15 Jun 2023
Posthumanism and AnimismRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
10 Jun 2023
, Booklaunch Enfleshed!
How to Endure the Pain? On The Wounded LifeRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
1 Jun 2023
, Fuck Healing (?)
How to Endure the Pain? On The Wounded LifeRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
1 Jun 2023
, Fuck Healing (?)
The Land and Us: a Diffractive Reading of Marx and Serres on ‘Sense’ and ‘the Common’.Rick Dolphijn (Speaker)
23 May 2023
, Ecology in Liminal Times
Lives of Deltas and Critical ZonesRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
18 Apr 2023
, Transdisciplinary Global-Action-Labs
Meditations Of A Geometer: On Cracks And Wounds And Becoming A Target.Rick Dolphijn (Speaker)
23 Mar 2023
Introduction to PosthumanismRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
9 Mar 2023
New Materialism/PosthumanismRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
20 Feb 2023
Posthumanism in Philosophy and ArtRick Dolphijn (Speaker)
24 Jan 2023


As We are Floating in the Amniotic SeaRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Oct 2022
Public Space (Rethinking the Agora)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
8 Sept 2022
, HERA conference
Ricoeur on ImaginationRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
1 Sept 2022
Serres and Marx on the CommonRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
21 Jun 2022
, Michel Serres and the Social
Farewell Symposium Prof. Rosi Braidotti Rick Dolphijn (Organiser)
13 Jun 2022
Sapidus "tasty" from Sapere "have a taste (also "be wise", see sapient)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
21 May 2022
, Drift wijsgerig festival
Lives of deltasRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
20 May 2022
A Sense of Home: Food, Politics and BelongingRick Dolphijn (Organiser)
19 Apr 202220 Apr 2022
Critical Reflections on Pandemic PoliticsRick Dolphijn (Organiser)
9 Mar 2022
Critical perspectives on Pandemic PoliticsRick Dolphijn (Member of programme committee)
9 Mar 2022
Cracks, Wounds and Becoming a target: on the Philosophy of MatterRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
19 Jan 2022


Wounds and the CityRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
12 Nov 2021
, Deleuze and Guattari Studies in India Conference
Enfleshed - ElaboratedRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
3 Sept 202126 Sept 2021
An Ecology of WoundsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
3 Jun 2021
, Posthuman Futures
New Materialism, Responsibility and the Arts.Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
26 Apr 2021
, New Materialism, Responsibility and the Arts.
New Materialism, Eco-Feminism and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
19 Mar 2021
, Contra/dizioni Seminar Series


Racialization and Boundary Making in Covid-19 Times: Experiences among Asians in the Netherlands.Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
4 Dec 2020
, Racialization and Social Boundary Making in Times of COVID-19
New Materialism: Rethinking Humanity and the WorldRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Nov 2020
, 21st century World Humanity Forum
Delta's and Deep Sea EcologyRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
12 Nov 2020
Eat and let the Earth Speak: On Michel Serres The Five SensesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
7 Nov 2020
, Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy annual conference
There it is againRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
11 Feb 2020
, Time Matters III


The Philosopher/Curator: Rereading LyotardRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
5 Dec 2019
, On Mediation
An Evening of Immaterials. V2_ Lab for unstable mediaRick Dolphijn (Organiser)
5 Dec 2019
University of BarcelonaRick Dolphijn (Visiting researcher)
1 Nov 201930 Jun 2020
Deleuze and the Ideal Game. Philosophy and Gambling ConferenceRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
18 Oct 2019
, Philosophy of Gambling
How Matter comes to Matter: New Materialism, Ecology and the Arts.Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
16 Oct 2019
Who’s afraid of Stoicism? The Art of Healing Your World.Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Sept 2019
, Rehearsing Hospitalities
The Healing Practices Of Language:How Life Matters In Antonin Artaud’s Later Writings.Rick Dolphijn (Supervisor)
15 May 2019
The Stoics (Deleuze on the Event)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
12 Apr 2019
Necropolitics and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
1 Mar 2019
, Material Strategies in the Arts.
Necropolitics: an Affirmative Rethinking of Death.Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Feb 2019
Necropolitics of Art and TheoryRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
30 Jan 2019
, Mutating Ecologies In Contemporary Art III: Posthuman Becomings
The University of Hong KongRick Dolphijn (Visiting researcher)
2019 → …


What the Earth Repeats: technology, Art and the Crisis of the ContemporaryRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Nov 2018
, Theater and Technology
Another Energy/Technology Without ObjectsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
25 Oct 2018
, Feminist Philosophy and Technology
How Art Objects, or, the Politics of new MaterialismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
25 Jun 2018
, Exhibition Opening Lecture
Plenary Panel: Taking Stock of New MaterialismR. Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Jun 2018
, Urban Matters
Annual Deleuze Scholarship Conference #7. Deleuze and the Politics of Sustainability.R. Dolphijn (Organiser)
16 May 2018
Amsterdam Light Festival (Event)Rick Dolphijn (Chair)
May 2018
, Amsterdam Light Festival
New Materialism versus Subject and ObjectRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
5 Apr 2018
, Book Launch
How Art ObjectsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
2 Mar 2018
, New Materialism and Performance Conference
How Art ObjectsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
24 Feb 2018
, Sonic Acts Academy


Different Peoples (and Gaia)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
28 Nov 2017
What Keeps on Mattering: Deleuze and SerresRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Nov 2017
, Critical Philosophy and New Materialisms
What Keeps on Mattering: SpinozaRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
30 Sept 2017
, Soils, Séances, Sciences and Politics (SSSP)- on the Posthuman and New Materialism
Feminist MachinesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
27 Sept 2017
, Book presentation: Machine Art
Cracks in ArtRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
23 Sept 2017
What Keeps on Mattering: Deleuze and SerresRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Sept 2017
, New Materialisms and Politics
Lectures on "the Wound" and "Ecosophy"Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
24 Aug 201730 Aug 2017
, Summerschool on Posthuman Ethics
Anti-psychiatry (and Félix Guattari)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
2 Jul 2017
Nature (part 1 and 2)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
30 Apr 2017
Deleuze on Cinema and LiteratureRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Apr 201720 Apr 2017
Deleuze on Cinema and LiteratureRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
1 Apr 201730 Apr 2017
The Cracks of the Contemporary IV: The WoundRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
26 Feb 2017


The Cracks of the ContemporaryRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
18 Oct 2016
, Art and Speculative
The Posthuman GlossaryRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Aug 201626 Aug 2016
Response to Simon O'SullivanRick Dolphijn (Keynote speaker)
7 Jul 2016
, The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist matters
Deleuze Studies in AsiaRick Dolphijn (Participant)
19 Jun 2016
Unforeseen CulturesRick Dolphijn (Organiser)
3 Jun 2016
New Materialism, Technology and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
26 May 2016
, New Materialism Workshop
Nomad AestheticsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
16 Apr 2016
, Papay Gyro Nights
Deleuze's Logic of Sense: Ideal Game, Aion and ChronosRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
12 Apr 2016
, Common Core Lectures
New Materialism and EcosophyRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
17 Feb 2016
, Bots, Bodies Beasts
Spinoza and the AestheticRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
11 Feb 2016


New Materialism and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
2 Dec 2015
The Art of Life (on the Ecology of Form)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
28 May 2015
, Human/Inhuman/Posthuman
Deleuze and the Visual ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
21 May 2015
Serres, Deleuze and the Transdisciplinary UniversityRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
17 Mar 2015
, The Transdisciplinary University
This is Not The Earth: Geophilosophy in Times of CrisisRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
15 Mar 2015
, Papay Gyro Nights International Art Festival (Hong Kong)
New Materialism and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
12 Mar 2015
, Material Nights
Occupation and the Creative Act: Art, Philosophy, ActivismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
19 Feb 2015
Occupy Art: Deleuze, Foucault, and the concept of SpaceRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Feb 2015


Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy annual conferenceRick Dolphijn (Chair)
3 Sept 20145 Sept 2014
Another Earth: Ecology with Deleuze, Malabou and SerresRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
6 Jun 2014
, Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference
CONTINENTAL NATURALISM: a Symposium on the Sciences, the Humanities and the State of the Earth TodayRick Dolphijn (Organiser)
15 Apr 2014
Society for European Philosophy (External organisation)Rick Dolphijn (Member)
2014 → …


Guattari's Three Ecologies and the TraumaRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Nov 2013
, Terra Critica : Interdisciplinary Network for the Critical Humanities (Utrecht University)
The Intense Exterior: Movements that MatterRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
21 Nov 2013
, Public lecture (Master of Choreography, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem)
Vitalism and PosthumanismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Nov 2013
, Negotiating the Humanities Conference
Movements that Matter: New Materialism and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
9 Oct 2013
, Autonomous Laboratory for the Exploration of Progressive Heuristics (ALEPH) (Royal Academy of the Arts, the Hague)
Insanity and Ecosophy: from Guattari and Bateson to Malabou and back to SpinozaRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
6 Sept 2013
, Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy annual conference
EcosophyRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
6 May 2013
, Seminar Cultural Economics
Another Humanity, a response to Elisabeth von SamsonowRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
4 May 2013
, Speculative Art Histories Conference
Bio Art and Adam Zaretsky's "Errorarium"Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
2 Apr 2013
, Interview to be published in Filosofie Magazine (may issue) (Utrecht University)
I am a crowdRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Mar 2013
, Lezingenserie "The Swarm", Studium Generale (Aula, Utrecht University)
Art as the Revalation of a World: Spinoza, Guattari and the New Materialist AlternativeRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
27 Feb 2013
, Where are we going Walt Whitman, an ecosophical roadmap for artists and other futurists (Rietveld Academy Amsterdam)
To Occupy: Territorialization, Reterritorialization, DeterritorializationRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
23 Feb 2013
, Papay Gyro Nights, International Arts Festival (Orkney Islands, Scotland)
Occupy Nature: Art, Deleuze and the Trauma's of the EarthRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
22 Feb 2013
, Papay Gyro Nights International Art Festival (Orkney Islands, Scotland)
The Speculative RealRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
11 Jan 2013
, Blowup/Speculative Realities (Roodkapje Art/V2_ Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam)


Circular Form, or The Gothic Stone: A New Materialist PerspectiveRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
7 Dec 2012
, International Workshop Terra Critica
Negarestani's Another EarthRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
25 Oct 2012
, Book Launch Postcolonial Literatures and Deleuze (Utrecht University)
Ecosophy and Art- a response to Helmuth TrischlerRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
5 Oct 2012
, Seminar on the Sustainable Humanities
Matter of Life: Ecology in Spinoza, Deleuze and MeillassouxRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
5 Sept 2012
, Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Deleuze and PhilosophyRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
20 Jun 2012
, Deleuze symposium and launch special issue Filosofie (Leids Instituut voor de Godsdienstwetenschappen)
Staying with the Trouble- Interview with Donna HarawayRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
5 Jun 2012
, Shown at documentA 13 (9 June- 16 September 2012) (Kassel, Germany)
The Practice of Everyday Fear: Food Ecology and the MilitaryRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
1 Jun 2012
, Making Sense of Consumption Conference
Ecology and Humanism: to Allow the Earth to Save the EarthRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
27 May 2012
, Entanglements of New Materialisms conference
Deleuze's EarthRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
15 May 2012
, Lines of Flight in the Lowlands, National Conference on Deleuze Scholarship
Undercurrents and the Desert(ed)-Deleuze and NegarestaniRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
18 Apr 2012
, Philosophers Rally (International Philosophy Conference)
Objects according to Meillassoux and/or MassumiRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Apr 2012
, DRIFT philosophy festival (Amsterdam)
New Materialism and the ArtsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
3 Apr 2012
, Symposium Contemporary Philosophy and the Arts (W139, Amsterdam)
DeLanda and the New Materialist TraditionRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
20 Mar 2012
, RMA course on Materialism
EcocriticismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
15 Mar 2012
, Seminar on the Sustainable Humanities
I am a CrowdRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
14 Mar 2012
, Studium Generale serie: The Swarm (Utrecht)
Deleuze and Guattari's GeophilosophyRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
13 Mar 2012
, Honours course
New Materialism: An IntroductionRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
5 Mar 2012
, Cultuurhistorisch Seminar
New Materialism: Ecology, Technology and Subjectivity beyond AntropocentrismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
29 Feb 2012
, ECHIC (Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht)


Guattari's MicropoliticsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Dec 2011
, Kitchen 139 Festival by W139 Artspace /Casco (Amsterdam)
Introduction: the Intensive OutsideRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
3 Dec 2011
, GHOSTTRACK by LeineRoebana (de Duif, Amsterdam; De Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda; Theater het Spui, Den Haag)
Lissitzky's Infinite Interiority: Axonometrics and the Feeling of SpaceRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
17 Nov 2011
, Lissitzky Space: New Materialist experiments (Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven)
The Feeling of TangoRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
7 Nov 2011
, Origines, Festival for Argentianian Culture (Amersfoort)
Performing the Sacred: Artaud, Deleuze and Organic CultureRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
12 Oct 2011
, The interreligious conference (Utrecht-Hydrabad) The Arts and the Sacred. Convened by prof Martha Fredriks.
Undercurrents and the Desert(ed)Negarestani, Tournier and Deleuze map a ‘New Earth’Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
29 Jun 2011
, Fouth International Deleuze Studies Conference
Massumi's Theory of CommunicationRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
8 Jun 2011
, Cursus Project Nederlands (Utrecht)
kick-off conference VENI project I. van der TuinRick Dolphijn (Organiser)
7 Apr 2011
Conference New Materialism: NatureculturesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
7 Apr 2011
New MaterialismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
2011 → …
, Higher Seminar
Inflexions (Journal)Rick Dolphijn (Editor)
Deleuze Studies (Journal)Rick Dolphijn (Editor)
Body & Society (Journal)Rick Dolphijn (Editor)


AppetiteRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
19 Nov 2010
, Symposium "Intra-action between the Sciences and the Humanities" (Universiteit Utrecht)
Introductie: The Virtual Life of CIWRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
11 Nov 2010
, Tweede Lustrum van Communicatie en Informatie Wetenschappen (Universiteit Utrecht)
PhD workshop ‘New Materialism: Art, Science, Media’Rick Dolphijn (Participant)
22 Jul 2010
The Intensive OutsideRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
21 Jun 2010
, New Materialism and Digital Culture Conference
I get a Sub-City: Murakami's Nakata Feels UrbanityRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
17 Jun 2010
, Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference
Performance from Critical to AffirmativeRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
29 Apr 2010
, In the Evidence of Experience, performance art festival (Arti, Amsterdam)
Hoe is gender?Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
28 Mar 2010
, Tweetakt theater festival (Huis a/d Werf)
Feminisms Minor HistoriesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
19 Mar 2010
, Annual Meeting of the National Association of Feminism and Philosophy
AfrodisiacaRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
18 Feb 2010
, Eten met een Reden (Stadsschouwburg Utrecht)
The Engaged HumanitiesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
2010 → …


The Engaged HumanitiesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Dec 2009
, Changing Cultures: Cultures of Change (A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics) (University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.)
The Engaged HumanitiesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Dec 2009
, A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics (Barcelona, Spain)
Meeting Utrecht HalfwayRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
6 Jul 2009
, 7th European Research Conference
Interview with Karen Barad: Meeting Utrecht Halfway (keynote)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
6 Jun 2009
, 7th European Feminist Reearch Conference
Deleuze and LeibnizRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
21 Apr 2009
, Deleuze Seminar
Against DualismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Mar 2009
, Curatorial Platform "If I Can't Dance" (Dutch Art Institute, Enschede)
Against DualismRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Mar 2009
HKU Media en TechnologieRick Dolphijn (Participant)
1 Mar 2009
Performing Spatiality and its ObjectsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
20 Feb 2009
, Media and Performance Seminar
Inflexions (Journal)Rick Dolphijn (Editor)
Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication (Journal)Rick Dolphijn (Editor)


Free your Mouth! Artaud, Deleuze and Bodily EthicsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
13 Dec 2008
, International Humanities Seminar, Goteborg University
Spinoza's Appetite (in relation to Desire)Rick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Dec 2008
, Seminar on Desire, Affect and Terrory, Goteborg University
Foodscapes MethodologiesRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
10 Dec 2008
, Center for Consumption Studies Seminar (University of Goteborg)
Two City Forms: Axonometric Vision and Linear PerspectiveRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
15 Nov 2008
, By-Pass: Everyday Life and Contemporary Urbanism in India and China (de Balie, Amsterdam)
Care, Cure, Control, dietiek en cultuurRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
25 Sept 2008
, Minor Artez Hogeschool en Theologische faculteit Kampen (Zwolle)
Deleuze and Meat: an EthicsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
13 Aug 2008
, One or Several Deleuzes? (Cardiff University, Wales)
Care, Cure or Control? A Total and a General DieteticsRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
23 Jun 2008
, Keynote Lecture (Bjorko, Sweden)
Language and PowerRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
15 Mar 2008
, Open dag CIW (Utrecht)
Power: Bacon versus FoucaultRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
16 Feb 2008
, CIW ouderdag (Utrecht)
University of LondonRick Dolphijn (Visiting lecturer)
2008 → …
member of the editorial board, Inflexions: A Journal for Research-Creation (Event)Rick Dolphijn (Member)
2008 → …
, member of the editorial board, Inflexions: A Journal for Research-Creation


Care, Cure or ControlRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
26 Nov 2007
, Wetenschapscafe (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)
het was een 'research-creation' event; deelnemens wereden op basis van hun proposal uitgenodigd en gevraagd een onderdeel (in mijn geval food en architecture)te organiseren.Rick Dolphijn (Organiser)
24 Aug 200727 Aug 2007
, het was een 'research-creation' event; deelnemens wereden op basis van hun proposal uitgenodigd en gevraagd een onderdeel (in mijn geval food en architecture) te organiseren.
The Art of Living; food, medicine and the body in a global perspectiveRick Dolphijn (Invited speaker)
1 Apr 2007
, Eten op Aarde (National Museum of Ethnology)