Dr. Pooyan Tamimi Arab

Universitair docent




  • 2019. Spinoza, Religious Affects, and Aesthetic Formations. The Netherlanders and Israelis Spinoza Seminar, Erasmus University, Rijnsburg.
  • 2018. Materiële religie en de vreemdeling in Spinoza’s Politieke Filosofie (Material Religion and the Stranger in Spinoza’s Political Philosophy). Amsterdamse Spinoza Kring, November 25, Paradiso, Amsterdam.
  • 2018. What does the story of one building tell us about the future of religion? Urban Religion | De Staat van God 2018. Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.
  • 2018. To whom do the Sixties Belong? Posters, Free Love and Diversity in the Netherlands Today. Symposium on Popularized Culture, Ritual and the Making of Heritage. VU University Amsterdam.
  • 2018. Secularism and Marital Captivity. ALDE Hearing: The Injustice of Marital Captivity. Brussels, European Parliament.
  • 2017. Pictures that divide as entry points to the politics of co-existence. Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society.
  • 2017. Heritage versus Authority: Islamic figural painting, music, and wine drinking in the National Museum of World Cultures. Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin.
  • 2017. Islamic wine drinkers and philosophy. Philosophy Festival Utrecht University.
  • 2017. God’s House: Religious Architecture Under Construction. Book presentation with Oskar Verkaaik and Daan Beekers, Spui25, Amsterdam.
  • 2017. Secularism, Identity and Neutrality. Studium Generale Lecture, Wageningen University.
  • 2017, with Birgit Meyer. Reflection on blasphemy and image practices as entry points to studying the politics of co-existence. Workshop title: “Blasphemies”: Media, History, Affect. Co-organized by the University of Kent, Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, the University of Copenhagen, Oxford Brookes University and Utrecht University in Paris.
  • 2017. Reflection on the very idea of religious diversity. Conference on the Modalities of Co-existence Across Religious Difference: Critical Terms for the Study of Indigenous Religion, Christianity and Islam in Plural Settings in Africa and Beyond. Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin.
  • 2017. Devotie-afbeeldingen van de profeet Mohammed in het Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen (Devotional Images of the Prophet Muhammad at the National Museum of World Cultures). Utrecht Religie Forum.
  • 2016. Wat betekent de Grondwet voor de vrijheid van godsdienst? (What does the Constitution mean to Religious Freedom?). Interculturele Werkgroep Wageningen, on the occasion of Human Rights Day.
  • 2016, with Birgit Meyer. Divers geloven in Nederland (Religious Diversity in the Netherlands). Avond van Wetenschap en Maatschappij, The Hague.
  • 2016. Socialists, Catholics, Hippies, and Muslims. Museum Night, Fatih Mosque, Amsterdam.
  • 2016. The Prophet Muhammad at the National Museum of World Cultures. With Birgit Meyer, on iconoclasm, religion and the power of images. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam.
  • 2016. Mosque construction and amplified calls to prayer: constitutional secularism versus nativism. The Social Sciences Council, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • 2015. A contextual approach to the “strict neutrality vs. accommodation” division. Joint conference of The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy and the Association for Social and Political Philosophy, University of Amsterdam.
  • 2014. From Procession Prohibition to Amplified Azan. NWO Vidi Conference, Utrecht University.
  • 2013. The Object of a Mosque’s Attention: The Call to Prayer in a Dutch town. Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Chicago.
  • 2012. The Aesthetic Formations of the Adhan in the Netherlands. Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco.
  • 2012. Islamophobia and Nativism in Rotterdam. International Conference on Living with Difference, University of Leeds.
  • 2012. Secularism and Principled Distance in Rotterdam. St. Ignatius University Centre, Antwerp.
  • 2012. Citizenship, Religion, and Spatial Tensions in Rotterdam. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, New York City.