Dr. Paul Meijer

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 246
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Paul Meijer

Universitair hoofddocent
030 253 5091

Research Interests

I study processes in sedimentary geology and tectonics through the application of theory and mathematical modelling. A central theme in my work is the control of tectonics and climate on the past circulation of the Mediterranean Sea: the role of marine gateways during the Messinian salinity crisis and in the Paratethys and the mechanism of periodic deposition of sapropels. Older work concerns the rotation of the Iberian peninsula (with Reinoud Vissers) and, a long-standing interest, the forces controlling intra-plate stress and plate motion (with Rinus Wortel).


PhD students and postdocs



  • systeem Aarde 1 (alleen e-module)
  • najaarsexcursie Limburg & Ardennen (niet langer coördinatie)
  • programmeren & modelleren (exercise module)
  • Natuurkunde en programmeren van Aardse processen (GEO1-1135)
  • Dynamics of sedimentary systems (with Joris Eggenhuisen and João Trabucho)
  • Paleoceanography (8 hours on modelling and the Mediterranean Sea)