Pim Huijnen (Heerlen, 1979) works as an assistant professor in Digital Cultural History at the Department of History and Art History.

His research focuses on the use of digital text analysis to investigate the history of science and the history of ideas. He is, in particular, interested in conceptual history and the circulation of knowledge between the scientific, political and commercial domains and popular culture.

As a teacher he is involved in courses that focus on digital humanities methods and techniques and on digital pedagogy. Moreover, he teaches courses on methods and theory of history in general. He supervises BA and MA theses on digital history, intellectual history and the history of science, popular culture (film, games), and media history.

He is one of the coordinators of the Text Mining SIG of the Applied Data Science focus area. Together with Ayoub Bagheri he aims to bring together UU colleagues with an interest in quantitative text analysis to exchange ideas and work together. He is an affiliated member of the UU Centre for Digital Humanities and member of the SSH sectorplannen core team Humane AI. He is the vice-editor in chief of BMGN-LCHR and member of the board of Royal Netherlands Historical Society.