Prof. dr. N.N. (Nadya) Purtova MSc LLM

Molengraaff Instituut voor privaatrecht



Wetenschappelijke publicaties

Newell, B., Purtova, N., Paterson, H., & Moon, Y. E. (Accepted/In press). Regulating the US Consumer Data Market: Comparing the Material Scope of US Consumer Data Privacy Laws and the GDPR. University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law.


Wetenschappelijke publicaties

Purtova, N., & van Maanen, G. (2022). Data as an economic good, data as a commons, and data governance. Law, Innovation and Technology, 16(1). Advance online publication.
Purtova, N. (2022). From knowing by name to targeting: the meaning of identification under the GDPR. International Data Privacy Law, 12(3), 163-183.