Prof. dr. N.N. (Nadya) Purtova MSc LLM

Molengraaff Instituut voor privaatrecht

I am a Professor of Law, Innovation, and Technology at Utrecht University’s School of Law, following previous positions at Tilburg Institute of Technology and Society (TILT), the Netherlands. My research focuses on how to understand and tackle socio-technical change related to information technologies in areas including data protection law, data ownership, data law and (collective) governance. I was awarded a 2016 ERC Starting Grant and recently completed an ERC project that proposed how legal protection against information-related problems, including data protection law, should be reformed based on understanding of information and data in information studies and economics. I am the author of Property rights in personal data: a European perspective (Kluwer Law International 2011) and “The law of everything. Broad concept of personal data and future of EU data protection law” (2018). My recent academic publications include “Code as personal data: implications for data protection law and regulation of algorithms” (2023, with Ronald Leenes), “From knowing by name to targeting: the meaning of identification under the GDPR” (2022) and “Data as an economic good, data as a commons, and data governance” (2024, with Gijs van Maanen). I am on the editorial boards of Technology and Regulation, Computer Law & Security Review, Global Privacy Law Review, and Utrecht Law Review. Nadya holds a PhD (cum laude) from Tilburg University, MSc from Leiden University and LLM from Central European University.

I am a proud supervisor of a number of completed and ongoing PhD projects:


Ola Al Khatib, Utrecht University, on regulation of public decision-making in the area of social security in the Netherlands after the algorithmic turn (with Prof. Rob Widdershoven and Dr Evelien Brouwer);

Kim Schuurman, Utrecht University, on technoligies and children's rights (with Prof. Wendy Schrama).


Dr Mara Paun, Tilburg University, defended cum laude 15 September 2023. “Law and Technology through the Lens of Autopoiesis. An analytical framework for dealing with regulatory disconnection illustrated through the case of the GDPR” (promotor, with prof. dr. Corien Prins);

Dr Aviva de Groot, Tilburg University, defended 12 May 2023. “Care to explain?”, a PhD project on the right to an explanation of automated decision-making (promotor, with prof.dr. R. Leenes);

Dr Karine E Silva, Tilburg University, defended 3 December 2019. Thesis on “Mitigating Botnets: Regulatory solutions for industry intervention in large-scale cybercrime” (co-supervisor, promotor: prof. Bert-Jaap Koops).

Law, Innovation and Technology