Connecting the informal care system and formal care system of multi-problem families through Youth Initiated Mentoring (YIM)N. Koper (Speaker)
16 Sep 2019
, European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR)
Youth Initiated Mentoring in specialized youth careN. Koper (Invited speaker)
18 Jun 2019
Jeugd in OnderzoekN. Koper (Organiser)
23 May 2019
JIM-aanpakN. Koper (Invited speaker)
14 Feb 2019
, Kennissessie JIM-aanpak


Effectiveness and working mechanisms of the Youth Initiated mentoring (YIM)approach to prevent out-of-home placements: Study protocolNatasha Koper (Invited speaker)
5 Oct 2018
, XV Conference EUSARF (European Scientific Association on Residential & Family Care for Children and Adolescents)
Je buurman ook JIM noemen: nodig of nodeloos ingewikkeld? [Calling your neighbor YIM: necessary or unnecessarily complicated?]N. Koper (Invited speaker)
24 May 2018
, Congres Jeugd in Onderzoek
Je buurman ook JIM noemen: nodig of nodeloos ingewikkeld?Natasha Koper (Invited speaker)
24 May 2018
, Jeugd in Onderzoek
University of Massachusetts BostonNatasha Koper (Visiting researcher)
15 Apr 201824 Apr 2018