Prof. Niki Frantzeskaki

Spatial Planning

2019 – ESEE 2019 Keynote (follow up video) ‘Co-creating – Designing common urban futures’:


2019 – EGA Talks – Facilitating sustainable and resilient urban transitions (INTERVIEW)


2019 – Leverage Points 2019 Keynote – Leveraging Sustainability Transitions: 


2019 – IST 2019 Keynote – Transition Experiments in cities: accelerating or stalling sustainability transitions? :



2019 – URBES Film:


2015 – GUST Unleashing Urban Innovation:


2014 – Rotterdam – The Transition to Urban Resilience:


This film has won a competition with the World Bank Climate4Change initiative in July 2014 among 230 competing films on climate change and climate adaptation. The photos and interactive map can be checked here:


Since October 2014 it was also put up and selected in receiving great attention in social media. 



2016 – 5th Informed Cities Forum -

(Blog post produced by international placement internship awardee Andrea Silva: