Prof. Niki Frantzeskaki

Spatial Planning



·       Editor in Chief, journal ‘Urban Transformations’ SPRINGER NATURE, 

·       Editorial Board Member, Solar Advances, Elsevier (2020-2023)

·       Editorial Board Member, Nature-Based Solutions, Elsevier

·       Editorial Board Member, journal ‘Frontiers in Land Use Dynamics’ (2020-2023)




2021- Sugiyama, T., Sharifi, F., Yao, Z., Herath, P. and Frantzeskaki, N., (2021), Nature fix for healthy cities: What urban planners and urban designers need to know for planning urban nature with health-benefits in mind?, The Nature of Cities, 


2021 - Greening the recovery? A proposal for forwarding urban transitions as a recovery agenda towards resilience, The Nature of Cities (BLOG) - 


2021 - From design to city life: What it take to bring nature-based solutions to urban reality – in The Nature of Cities (BLOG) - 


2021 – Putting nature first – in the Nature of Cities (BLOG). Link: 


2021 – How cities should respond to the biodiversity crisis – in the Pursuit (BLOG): Link: 


2020 – Four recommendations for greener, healthier cities in the post-pandemic – in the Nature of Cities. (BLOG) Link:


2019 –Is experimenting natural in cities? The Nature of experiments and the experiments with nature, the Nature of Cities .(BLOG) Link:


2017 - Gorissen, L., and Meyers, E., (Eds), (2017), The city of the future - How urban change makers scale positive change, Loonoo Publishing. (POPULAR SCIENCE BOOK – output of ARTS research project)


2016 - Make time to connect with (in)visible nature!, The Nature of Cities, (BLOG) Link:


2014 - Haase, D., McPhearson, T., Frantzeskaki, N., and Kaczowroska, A., (2014), Ecosystem Services in Urban Landscapes: Practical Applications and Governance Implications – the URBES approach, UGEC Viewpoint, No.10, Page 21, March 2014, (BLOG)

·       Editorial Board Member- Advances in Building Energy Research > Certification and Policy Theme -