Prof. dr. M. (Martin) van den Berg

Prof. dr. M. (Martin) van den Berg

One Health Toxicology

Berg, M. van den Berg, Editor in Chief Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

Berg, M. van den. Editor in Chief of Current Opinion in Toxicology

Berg, M. van den. Associate Editor Environmental Health Perspectives.

Editorial Board Member Toxicology Letters

Editorial Board Member Toxicology Reports

Editorial Board Member Toxicological Sciences

Berg, M. van den. Faculty Member of the Faculty of 1000 Biology (Pharmacology and drug discovery-toxicology).

Berg, M. van den. Honorary Professor of the University of Queensland Functie bij: University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Berg, M. van den . Visiting Professor of The Royal Princess Chulabhorn Research and Graduate Institute, Bangkok, Thailand

(Incoming) Chair of the Board of Trustees, Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI), Washington,USA

Chair of The Supervising Board Postdoctoral Education in Toxicology

Chair of the Subcommittee Education of Eurotox

Member of The RIVM Advisory Board Chromium 6