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  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Barasa, Benjamin A, van Oirschot, Brigitte A, Bianchi, Paola, van Solinge, Wouter W, Heck, Albert J R, van Wijk, Richard & Slijper, Monique (05-07-2016). Proteomics reveals reduced expression of transketolase in pyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase deficient patients. Proteomics - Clinical Applications This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved..
  2014 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Barasa, B.A. & Slijper, M. (2014). Challenges for red blood cell biomarker discovery through proteomics. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1844 (5), (pp. 1003–1010) (8 p.).
Binai, Nadine A, Bisschops, Markus M M, van Breukelen, Bas, Mohammed, Shabaz, Loeff, Luuk, Pronk, Jack T, Heck, Albert J R, Daran-Lapujade, Pascale & Slijper, Monique (01-08-2014). Proteome adaptation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to severe calorie restriction in Retentostat cultures. Journal of Proteome Research, 13 (8), (pp. 3542-3553) (12 p.).
  2013 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Martens-de Kemp, S.R., Brink, Arjen, Stigter-van Walsum, M., Damen, J.M.A., Rustenburg, F., Wu, T., van Wieringen, W.N., Schuurhuis, G.J., Braakhuis, B.J.M., Slijper, M. & Brakenhoff, R.H. (2013). CD98 marks a subpopulation of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells with stem cell properties. Stem Cell Research, 10 (3), (pp. 477-488) (12 p.).
  2011 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Bleijerveld, O.B., Brakenhoff, R.H., Schaaij-Visser, B.M., Damen, J.M.A., Altelaar, A.F.M., Heck, A.J.R., Leemans, C.R. & Slijper, M. (2011). Protein signatures associated with tumor cell dissemination in head and neck cancer. Journal of Proteomics, 74 (4), (pp. 558-566) (9 p.).
Helbig, A.O., Daran-Lapujade, P., van Maris, A.J., de Hulster, E.A., de Ridder, D., Pronk, J.T., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2011). The diversity of protein turnover and abundance under nitrogen-limited steady-state conditions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Molecular BioSystems, 7 (12), (pp. 3313-3326) (14 p.).
  2010 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Jimenez, C.R. & Slijper, M. (2010). Current status of cancer proteomics, how far are we from clinical applications?. Journal of Proteomics, 73, (pp. 1787-1789) (3 p.).
Schaaij-Visser, B.M., Bremmer, J.F., Braakhuis, B.J.M., Heck, A.J.R., Slijper, M., van der Waal, I. & Brakenhoff, R.H. (2010). Evaluation of cornulin, keratin 4, keratin 13 expression and grade of dysplasia for predicting malignant progression of oral leukoplakia. Oral Oncology, 46, (pp. 123-127) (5 p.).
Helbig, A.O., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2010). Exploring the membrane proteome--challenges and analytical strategies. Journal of Proteomics, 73, (pp. 868-878) (11 p.).
Raymond, K., Richter, A., Kreft, M., Frijns, E., Janssen, H., Slijper, M., Praetzel-Wunder, S., Langbein, L. & Sonnenberg, A. (2010). Expression of the orphan protein Plet-1 during trichilemmal differentiation of anagen hair follicles. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 130, (pp. 1500-1513) (14 p.).
Helbig, Andreas O., Rosati, Sara, Pijnappel, W W M Pim, van Breukelen, Bas, Timmers, H. Th Marc, Mohammed, Shabaz, Slijper, Monique & Heck, Albert J.R. (02-12-2010). Perturbation of the yeast N-acetyltransferase NatB induces elevation of protein phosphorylation levels. BMC Genomics, 11 (1).
Helbig, A.O., Rosati, S, Pijnappel, W.W.M., van Breukelen, B., Timmers, H.T.M., Mohammed, S., Slijper, M. & Heck, A.J.R. (2010). Perturbation of the yeast N-acetyltransferase NatB induces elevation of protein phosphorylation levels. BMC Genomics, 11, (pp. 685) (15 p.).
Helbig, A.O., Gauci, S., Raijmakers, R., van Breukelen, B., Slijper, M., Mohammed, S. & Heck, A.J.R. (2010). Profiling of N-acetylated protein termini provides in-depth insights into the N-terminal nature of the proteome. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 9, (pp. 928-939) (12 p.).
Schaaij-Visser, B.M., Brakenhoff, R.H., Leemans, C.R., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2010). Protein biomarker discovery for head and neck cancer. Journal of Proteomics, 73, (pp. 1790-1803) (14 p.).
van Gestel, R.A., van Solinge, W.W., van den Toorn, H.W.P., Rijksen, G., Heck, A.J.R., van Wijk, R. & Slijper, M. (2010). Quantitative erythrocyte membrane proteome analysis with Blue-native/SDS PAGE. Journal of Proteomics, 73, (pp. 456-465) (10 p.).
van Gestel, R.A., Rijken, P.J., Surinova, S., O'Flaherty, M., Heck, A.J.R., Killian, J.A., de Kroon, A.I.P.M. & Slijper, M. (2010). The influence of the acyl chain composition of cardiolipin on the stability of mitochondrial complexes; An unexpected effect of cardiolipin in α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase and prohibitin complexes. Journal of Proteomics, 73 (4), (pp. 806-814) (9 p.). Cited By (since 1996): 1 Eighth International Conference on Teaching Statistics.
  2009 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Helbig, A.O., de Groot, M.J.L., van Gestel, R.A., Mohammed, S., Hulster, E.A.F., van Luttik, M.A.H., Daran-Lapujade, P., Pronk, J.T., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2009). A three-way proteomics strategy allows differential analysis of yeast mitochondrial membrane protein complexes under anaerobic and aerobic conditions. Proteomics (9), (pp. 4787-4798) (12 p.).
Schaaij-Visser, B.M., Brakenhoff, R.H., Jansen, J.W.A., O'Flaherty, M.C., Smeets, S.J., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2009). Comparative proteome analysis to explore p53 pathway disruption in head and neck carcinogenesis. Journal of Proteomics (72), (pp. 803-814) (12 p.).
Poot, A.J., van Ameijde, J., Slijper, M., van den Berg, J.H., Hilhorst, R., Ruijtenbeek, R., Rijkers, D.T.S. & Liskamp, R.M.J. (2009). Development of selective bisubstrate-based inhibitors against protein kinase C (PKC) isozymes by using dynamic peptide microarrays. ChemBioChem (10), (pp. 2042-2051) (10 p.).
Schaaij-Visser, B.M., Graveland, A.P., Gauci, S., Braakhuis, B.J.M., Buijze, M., Heck, A.J.R., Kuik, D.J., Bloemena, E., Leemans, C.R., Slijper, M. & Brakenhoff, R.H. (2009). Differential Proteomics Identifies Protein Biomarkers that predict local relapse of head and neck squamous cell carcinomas. Clinical Cancer Research (15), (pp. 7666-7675) (10 p.).
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  2008 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lemeer, S.M., Jopling, J.C., Gouw, J.W., Mohammed, S., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2008). Comparative phosphoproteomics of zebrafish Fyn/Yes morpholino knockdown embryos. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 7, (pp. 2176-2187) (12 p.).
Ringrose, J.H., van Solinge, W.W., Mohammed, S., O'Flaherty, M.C., van Wijk, H.A., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2008). Highly efficient depletion strategy for the two most abundant erythrocyte soluble proteins improves proteome coverage dramatically. Journal of Proteome Research, 7, (pp. 3060-3063) (4 p.).
Bovenschen, N., de Koning, P.J.A., Quadir, R., Broekhuizen, R., Damen, J.M.A., Froelich, CJ, Slijper, M. & Kummer, J.A. (2008). NK cell protease granzyme M targets alpha-tubulin and disorganizes the microtubule network. Journal of Immunology, 180 (12), (pp. 8184-8191) (7 p.).
Lemeer, S.M., Pinkse, M.W.H., Mohammed, S., van Breukelen, B., den Hertog, J., Slijper, M. & Heck, A.J.R. (2008). Online automated in vivo zebrafish phosphoproteomics: From large-scale analysis down to a single embryo. Journal of Proteome Research, 7 (4), (pp. 1555-1564) (10 p.). J PR 1st International Immunonutrition Workshop.
Gubbens, J., Slijper, M., de Kruijff, B. & de Kroon, A.I.P.M. (2008). Protein complexes in bacterial and yeast mitochondrial membranes differ in their sensitivity towards dissociation by SDS. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1784 (12), (pp. 2012-2018) (7 p.).
  2007 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lemeer, S.M., Ruijtenbeek, R., Pinkse, M.W.H., Jopling, J.C., Heck, A.J.R., den Hertog, J. & Slijper, M. (2007). Endogenous phosphotyrosine signaling in zebrafish embryos. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics
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  2006 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Dirksen, E.H.C., Cloos, J, Braakhuis, B.J.M., Brakenhoff, R.H., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2006). Human Lymphoblastoid proteome analysis reveals a role for the inhibitor of acetyltransferases complex in DNA double-strand break response. Cancer Research, 3, (pp. 1473-1480) (8 p.).
Dirksen, E.H.C., Pinkse, M.W.H., Rijkers, D.T.S., Cloos, J, Liskamp, R.M.J., Slijper, M. & Heck, A.J.R. (2006). Investigating the dynamic nature of the interactions between nuclear proteins and histones upon DNA damage using an immobilized peptide chemical proteomics approach. Journal of Proteome Research, 5, (pp. 2380-2388) (9 p.).
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  2005 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Ballell Pages, L., Alink, K.J., Slijper, M., Versluis, C., Liskamp, R.M.J. & Pieters, R.J. (2005). A new chemical probe for proteomics of carbohydrate-binding proteins. ChemBioChem, 6, (pp. 291-295) (5 p.).
Kolkman, A., Olsthoorn, M.M.A., Heeremans, C.E.M., Heck, A.J.R. & Slijper, M. (2005). Comparative Proteome Analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in chemostat cultures limited for glucose or ethanol. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 4, (pp. 1-11) (11 p.).
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  2003 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Heijne, W.H.M., Stierum, R.H., Slijper, M., van Bladeren, P.J. & van Ommen, B. (2003). Toxicogenomics of bromobenzene hepatotoxicity: a combined transcriptomics and proteomics approch. Biochemical Pharmacology, 65, (pp. 857-875) (19 p.).
  1997 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Slijper, M., Boelens, R., Davis, A.L., Konings, R.N.H., Van Der Marel, G.A., Van Boom, J.H. & Kaptein, R. (07-01-1997). Backbone and side chain dynamics of lac repressor headpiece (1-56) and its complex with DNA. Biochemistry, 36 (1), (pp. 249-254) (6 p.).
  1996 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Spronk, C.A.E.M., Slijper, M., Van Boom, J.H., Kaptein, R. & Boelens, R. (08-09-1996). Formation of the hinge helix in the lac repressor is induced upon binding to the lac operator. Nature Structural Biology, 3 (11), (pp. 916-919) (4 p.).
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Kaptein, R, Slijper, M, Chuprina, VP, Rullmann, JAC, Knegtel, RMA & Boelens, R (1996). Protein-DNA interaction from NMR and Monte Carlo docking. NMR AS A STRUCTURAL TOOL FOR MACROMOLECULES (pp. 175-187) (13 p.).
Slijper, M, Bonvin, A M, Boelens, R & Kaptein, R (21-06-1996). Refined structure of lac repressor headpiece (1-56) determined by relaxation matrix calculations from 2D and 3D NOE data - change of tertiary structure upon binding to the lac operator. Journal of Molecular Biology, 259 (4), (pp. 761-73) (13 p.).
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  1995 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kaptein, R., Boelens, R., Chuprina, V.P., Rullmann, J.A.C. & Slijper, M. (08-09-1995). [20] NMR and nucleic acid-protein interactions: The Lac repressor-operator system. Methods in Enzymology, 261, (pp. 513-524) (12 p.).
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  1989 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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