Prof. dr. Massimo Poesio

Natural Language Processing

I would describe myself as a data-driven formal semanticist - a computational linguist using  evidence from corpora, psychology and neural science, analyzed using statistical and machine learning methods, to test hypothesis about semantic and pragmatic interpretation formulated in mathematically precise ways.   My main research areas include disagreements in language interpretation; the interpretation of anaphoric reference/coreference, especially in conversations; the creation of large corpora of semantically annotated data, in particular using  games-with-a-purpose such as Phrase Detectives ( or Lingotowns (; verbal and non-verbal communication in interaction; the use of brain data in NLP; and using NLP to combat deception, misinformation and offensive language online. 

Lingotowns, a virtual world for language learning and language data collection
Begrijpen van natuurlijke taal