Dr. Michiel Kamp

Universitair docent
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Michiel Kamp is Assistant Professor of Musicology at the Department of Media and Culture Studies. He previously completed his PhD dissertation at the University of Cambridge (2015). His research takes hermeneutic and semiotic approaches to music in video games and related audiovisual media such as films and virtual reality, and attempts to categorize and characterize the different ways in which soundtracks operate. This includes issues concerning musical transmediality and remediation, ubiquitous music and Muzak, phenomenologies of listening, listening in participatory culture, sound synchronization, ecological psychology and musical affordances, and play and ludomusicality. He also has an interest in topics in music philosophy, such as the aesthetics of background music.

Kamp is co-founder of the UK-based Ludomusicology research group, which has organised yearly conferences on video game music throughout Europe since 2011, and has recently co-edited a volume Ludomusicology: Approaches to Video Game Music based on these conferences. He has previously contributed to a special issue of Philosophy & Technology on video game music and ecological psychology.