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  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kamp, M. (14-03-2017). Review: Music in Video Games: Studying Play, eds. K.J. Donnelly, William Gibbons, and Neil Lerner. Music, Sound, and the Moving Image, 10 (2), (pp. 207-14) (8 p.).
  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kamp, Michiel, Summers, Tim & Sweeney, Mark (2016). Ludomusicology - approaches to video game music. (231 p.). Equinox Publishing, Includes bibliographical references and index.
Kamp, M. (2016). Suture and Peritexts - Music Beyond Gameplay and Diegesis. In Michiel Kamp, Tim Summers & Mark Sweeney (Eds.), Ludomusicology - Approaches to Video Game Music (pp. 73-91) (19 p.). Equinox Publishing.
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kamp, M. (2015). Review: Sound Play, William Cheng (2014). The Soundtrack, 8 (1-2), (pp. 94-98) (5 p.).
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Playful VR and AR experiences for social inclusion
03-10-2016 tot 01-11-2017
Algemene projectbeschrijving 

This project addresses if and how VR/AR can help people dealing with permanent or temporary situations of social isolation by providing them an opportunity to escape from the limited space in which they are confined and to reintegrate in the society beyond isolation. The seed money invested in this project is used to build a strong consortium of international partners necessary to address the related challenging research questions and to support the writing of a high quality research proposal.

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