Drs. Marnix van Berchum


Marnix van Berchum studied Musicology at Utrecht University, and graduated with a thesis on the motets of Jachet Berchem (c.1505-1567). He specialises in the musical culture of the 16th century, and the application of digital tools in this field. In his PhD research he is applying the concepts and methods of network theory to the dissemination of music in the sixteenth century. In particular, he researches the polyphonic settings of the Te deum laudamus in the Lutheran tradition. He has given several presentations on this subject at international conferences, including the Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks symposium and the eHumanities Group of the KNAW.

He has a wide range of experience in projects related to ‘digital musicology’, innovations in scholarly communications, research data and Open Access. Currently he is Coordinator Digital Infrastructure at Huygens Institute (KNAW). Marnix is Associate Director and contact person of the CMME Project (www.cmme.org).