Mengru Han is a PhD student working on an individual project supervised by René Kager and Nivja de Jong. This project investigates the role of language input to early word learning by a comparison of Dutch and Chinese infant-directed speech. 

Before coming to the Netherlands, she studied at Nanjing University from 2007 to 2011, where she received her Bachelor's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language. 

In 2013, she obtained her Master's degree in Linguistics from Utrecht Insititute of Linguistics, Utrecht University. 

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Han, M., de Jong, N., & Kager R. (under revision) Lexical tones in Mandarin Chinese infant-directed speech: age-related changes in the second year of life. Frontiers in Psychology.

Liu, L., Han, M., & Kager R. (2017). Keeping up with the monolinguals: An equal pace of vocabulary development between Dutch monolingual and bilingual infants in the first 18 months after birth. Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics. 6(1).

Conference Presentations

Han M., de Jong N., & Kager R. Is infant-directed speech slower?. Poster session presented at: International Conference on Infant Studies May 26-28, 2016; New Orleans, Louisiana.

Han M., de Jong N., & Kager R. Investigating the role of input in early word learning: a comparison of Dutch and Chinese infant-directed speech. Poster session presented at: Child Language Symposium 2015; July 20-21 2015; Warwick, UK.

Han M., Chen, A. Does the ordering of givenness and newness matter in early word learning? Poster session presented at: 13th International Congress for the Study of Child Language; 2014 July 14-18; Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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