Dr. Martijn van den Hurk

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer 6.78
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Martijn van den Hurk

Universitair docent
Spatial Planning

I study the institutional arrangements for land and real estate development, with a keen interest in the role and impact of contracts and public accountability relative to urban transitions. My research has led to journal publications in the fields of urban studies, spatial planning, and public management. I coauthored the book Neighbourhoods for the Future: A Plea for a Social and Ecological Urbanism, which was published with Trancity×Valiz.


I teach in the master’s program of Spatial Planning (Real Estate) and in the bachelor’s program of Human Geography and Spatial Planning (Land and Real Estate Development, Planning Studio, Socio-spatial Research).


Previously I worked at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the University of Amsterdam, and I held visiting positions at the University of Toronto and the University of Central Lancashire. I have a PhD in Political Science from the University of Antwerp (2015) and obtained degrees in Spatial Planning and Public Administration from Radboud University Nijmegen.