Dr. M.E. (Elena) Popa

Dr. M.E. (Elena) Popa

Universitair docent
Atmospheric physics and chemistry

Education and work history

since Feb-2018     Tenure track Assistant Professor, IMAU, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands

2010 - 2018          Post-doc researcher, IMAU, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands

2008 - 2010          Researcher, ECN, Petten, the Netherlands

2003 – 2008         PhD researcher, Max-Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry and Friedrich Schiller    University, Jena, Germany

PhD thesis: “Continuous tall tower multi-species measurements in Europe for quantifying and understanding land-atmosphere carbon exchange”

2001 - 2003          Project engineer - technical security systems, Bucharest, Romania       

1998 ­- 2001          Technological engineer – electronic components, Bucharest, Romania                  

1993 - 1998          Physics Faculty, University of Bucharest, Romania


Scientific expertise and interests

  • atmospheric greenhouse gases and related tracers (CO2, CH4, CO, H2, N2O, SF6, O2/N2)
  • stable isotopes of atmospheric trace gases
  • trace gas exchange between atmosphere, soil and biosphere
  • atmospheric (photo)chemistry

Participation to projects (selected)

  • NESSC – Arctic Methane
  • COS-OCS (ERC Advanced Maarten Krol) – COS isotope analysis
  • IACOB (NWO) – CO isotopes: atmospheric measurements, photochemical experiments
  • ACTS Sustainable Hydrogen (NWO) – modeling the future European air quality with H2 vehicles
  • Ingos (EU) – CH4 isotope measurements
  • TTORCH (ESF) – project coordinator
  • EuroHydros (EU) – H2 measurements at Cabauw tall tower
  • CarboEurope (EU) – GHG measurements at Bialystok and Cabauw tall tower stations
  • CHIOTTO (EU) – PhD research, setting up the Bialystok tall tower station

Other relevant activities

  • current Director of the Summer School Course Physics of the Climate System, Utrecht Summer school, 2018
  • symposium organizer – Plants meet Climate, 2013
  • TTORCH summer school organizer – Hyytiala, Finland, 2011, 2013
  • peer review for: ACP, AMT, Tellus B, Atmospheric Environment, Elementa, Rap. Com. Mass Spec.