Prof. dr. M. (Marjolein) Dijkstra

Leonard S. Ornsteinlaboratorium
Princetonplein 1
Kamer 064
3584 CC Utrecht

Prof. dr. M. (Marjolein) Dijkstra

Soft Condensed Matter
030 253 3270

Computer Simulation group of Marjolein Dijkstra

Our research interests are theory and simulations of soft condensed matter systems, e.g. sterically and charged stabilised colloidal suspensions. Examples are structure, bulk, interfacial and wetting behaviour of colloidal (nanoparticle) suspensions, crystal structure prediction, nucleation, glasses, and gels, effective interactions. Our group has strong ties with the experimentalists in the Soft Condensed Matter group and the Van ‘t Hoff Laboratory, both in the Debye Institute at Utrecht University.

Computer simulations of soft condensed matter