Dr. Merve Burnazoglu

Adam Smith Hall
Kriekenpitplein 21-22
Kamer 1.12a

Dr. Merve Burnazoglu

Universitair docent
Sectie Applied Economics

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics as part of the Applied Economics Section. 


My main research is in Political Economy and Methodology. Currently, I am developing a research agenda on the political economy and methodology of AI that investigates the role of algorithms/AI in tackling or reproducing stratification that is defined as identity-based structural inequalities.


Other research fields and topics of my interest are Methodology, Philosophy, and History of Economics, Institutional Economics, Stratification Economics, and Evolutionary Economics applied to modeling, measurement, and policy-making practices about identity, stratification, justice, and migrants' integration.


My PhD dissertation is titled “Inequalities Beyond the Average Man: The Political Economy of Identity-Based Stratification Mechanisms in Markets and Policy,” and supervised by John B. Davis and Marcel Boumans. It presents political economy and methodological investigations of identity and identity-based stratification mechanisms in migration and integration-related analysis of markets and policy. It is an attempt to open the black boxes of inequality gaps, identities, and the mechanisms that produce and reproduce a structural relationship between them. 


In the past years, I have worked on the migration and integration models from an identity-based matching approach (published in Forum for Social Economics), and measurement practices in policies regarding refugees' labour market matching (published in the Journal of Economic Methodology), and institutional analyses of exclusion in labour market matching of migrants (published in the Cambridge Journal of Economics). I also have a book review on the real-world perspective in economics education (published in the Journal of Economic Methodology with Francis Ostermeijer), and guest-edited a special issue on Stratification Economics (published in the Review of Evolutionary Political Economy with Alyssa Schneebaum, Franklin Obeng-Odoom, and Stefan Kesting). 


I have earned an MSc in Economics (with a track in Public Policy Analysis and Philosophical Foundations) from Aix-Marseille School of Economics and a BSc in Economics from the Hacettepe University. I visited the University of Bayreuth for a fast track in MA in Philosophy & Economics, and the University of Strasbourg for an exchange year.


Between 2017 and 2022, I was a Mercatus Center Adam Smith Fellow at George Mason University, for which I have had the chance to work on various schools of political economy in addition to my research at the Utrecht University. I am one of the coordinators for research and organizational activities on Social Economics at the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE), of Philosophy of Economics Working Group at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)'s Young Scholars Initiative (YSI), and the listserv of the Association for Social Economics (ASE). 


I have been teaching in the Economics & Business Economics (U.S.E.) and the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program (PPE) over 6 years. Currently, I serve as the Chair of the PPE Curriculum Committee. 


For more updated information, please visit my curriculum vitae.