Dr. Lotta Ternieten

Structural geology & EM

I am an analytical geochemist interested in using classic petrology methods (XRF, XRD, light- and CL-microscopy), Raman spectroscopy, TEM, and EMPA studies combined with stable isotope (oxygen and carbon) analyses with more advanced clumped isotope and radiocarbon age dating to study the global carbon and iron cycle.

My research has focused on unraveling the origin, distribution, and cycling of carbon during active serpentinization, understanding the transport mechanisms of carbon-rich fluids and evaluating ultramafic rocks as a means to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere and permanently store it within thermodynamically stable carbonate minerals. 

In my new joint project between UU and NIOZ (I-NANO), I will characterize and identify hydrothermal nano-Fe and analyze the interaction of nano-Fe with other bio-essential trace metals to understand their impact on ocean biogeochemistry.