Dr. Lieke Stelling

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Vroegmoderne literatuur
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SRS 10th Biennial Conference Liverpool Lieke Stelling (Participant)
20 Jul 2023
'Reprinted in Thousands of Copies': Books and the Imagination of Early Modern Europeanness in More's UtopiaLieke Stelling (Presenter)
22 May 2023
Printing, Selling, Reading and a Literary Europe, 15th-17th CenturiesLieke Stelling (Organiser)
22 May 202323 May 2023
Het geloof in de grap: humor en de religieuze anderLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
15 May 2023


World Shakespeare Congress 2021Lieke Stelling (Participant)
Jul 2021
Playful Humour and Religious Conflict in the English ReformationLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
16 Feb 2021
Faith in Jest: Humour and Religion in the Early Modern WorldLieke Stelling (Organiser)
15 Jan 202116 Jan 2021


The Sacred and The...Profanity: An Online Symposium, University of Bristol, roundtableLieke Stelling (Participant)
8 Sept 2020
Nostalgia in the Early Modern WorldLieke Stelling (Participant)
11 Jan 2020


Vrijheid en humorLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
7 Nov 2019
A Glimmering Light: Reading, Writing, Mysticism and Presence in the Religious Verse of John Donne, PhD thesis by Mark O'DonnellLieke Stelling (Member of committee)
5 Nov 2019
The Rhetoric of Conversion. Henry Walker’s Spirituall Experiences (1653)and John Rogers’s Ohel (1653), PhD thesis by Belinda Molteberg SteenLieke Stelling (Member of committee)
3 Sept 2019
‘Wheeling Strangers of Here and Everywhere:’ Present Issues of Integration and the Early Modern Crises of ConversionLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
22 Jun 2019
, PostFaces – A Symposium: Shakespeare’s World and Present Challenges, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Religious Conversion in Early Modern English Drama: A New MonographLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
13 Jun 2019
Guest seminar on The Merchant of Venice, Oosterlicht College Nieuwegein (4&5 VWO)Lieke Stelling (Speaker)
7 Jun 2019
Shakespeare Association of AmericaLieke Stelling (Participant)
18 Apr 2019
Invited talk for Huntington Library Staff as part of the National Library Week, Huntington Library, San Marino, CALieke Stelling (Speaker)
10 Apr 2019
Religious Conversion in Early Modern English Drama: A New MonographLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
7 Mar 2019
“Mild Mockery in the Nasty Nineties of Elizabethan England”Lieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
4 Feb 2019
Wits, Fits and Fancies: Humor en Religie in de Engelse ReformatieLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
31 Jan 2019


Geloof in de GrapLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
28 Oct 2018
Pervasive Parody Lieke Stelling (Participant)
21 Sept 2018
Faith in Jest: Towards an Understanding of Humour and Religion in English Reformation LiteratureLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
10 May 2018
‘Thy Very Essence Is Mutability:’ Representations of Religious Conversion on the Early Modern English StageLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
9 May 2018
Shakespeare Association of AmericaLieke Stelling (Participant)
31 Mar 2018


Humour, Nostalgia and Religion in Early Modern ‘News from the Afterlife’ PamphletsLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
17 Nov 2017
, The European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture
Humours of the Past ConferenceLieke Stelling (Participant)
28 Jul 2017
International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS)Lieke Stelling (Participant)
11 Jul 2017
UCEMS Publieksdag: Lof der Zotheid; Humor als Tegengif in de Vroegmoderne TijdLieke Stelling (Organiser)
20 May 2017
Renaissance Society of AmericaLieke Stelling (Participant)
1 Apr 2017


Rear Window door een Literaire LensLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
28 Nov 2016
, Symposium boekverfilmingen organized by the student associations of Dutch, English, and Media Culture, Utrecht University
Theatre and Conversion in Early Modern Europe Spring Research Seminar, organized by McGill University and the University of MichiganLieke Stelling (Participant)
11 May 2016


Humour in Early Modern Europe: Premodern History of Science Colloquium, organized by the Descartes Centre and Huygens InstituteLieke Stelling (Participant)
5 Oct 2015
Hamlet, Purgatory and Hamlet vs HamletLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
9 Sept 2015
, Lecture on occasion of the writer-in-residenceship of Tom Lanoye
Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS)6th Biennial ConferenceLieke Stelling (Participant)
15 Jul 2015
Othello's Island 2015: 3rd Annual ConferenceLieke Stelling (Participant)
21 Mar 2015


Narrative Conversions: A Collaborative Workshop, Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, University of YorkLieke Stelling (Participant)
3 Jun 2014


'And Seek for Grace': Spiritual Conversion on the Early Modern StageLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
15 Nov 2011
, The Cabinet of Curiosities, Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies postgraduate forum University of York
Conversion Narratives in the Early Modern WorldLieke Stelling (Participant)
10 Jun 2011


GEMS workshop Self-Fashioning, Ghent UniversityLieke Stelling (Participant)
23 Apr 2009
Region, Religion and Early Modern Literature, Conference organized by the University of LondonLieke Stelling (Participant)
2 Apr 2009
Pick Up and Write: Appropriations of Augustine's Conversion in Book 8 of his ConfessionsLieke Stelling (Invited speaker)
30 Jan 2009
, Augustine Beyond the Book: Intermediality, Transmediality and Reception, organized by Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS)


Inaugural Conference of the International Society for Cultural HistoryLieke Stelling (Participant)
30 Aug 2008


Interdisciplinarity as a ChallengeLieke Stelling (Participant)
3 Jun 2005