Albert Joosse (PhD, Utrecht 2011) is a postdoc at the Philosophy Department of the University of Utrecht. He was a postdoc at the University of Freiburg (Germany) from 2011-14 and a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania in 2014-15. He is particularly interested in ancient epistemology and ethics.

His current research project, supported through the Veni scheme of NWO, concerns the ancient reception of the First Alcibiades. This Platonic dialogue portrays Socrates' attempts to convince the young Alcibiades to know himself and to pursue philosophy. By studying ancient philosophical engagements with this text, the project will advance our understanding of ancient educational thought and philosophical anthropology.

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Alle publicaties
Joosse, L.A. (2016). Aristotle on Proper Principles: The Division of Science and ???e??t?? Terminology. In Benedikt Strobel & Georg Wöhrle (Eds.), Angewandte Epistemologie in antiker Philosophie und Wissenschaft (pp. 9-38). WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier.
Joosse, L.A. (2016). Note on t? ?f? ???? in Aristotle, Eth. Eud. 1245a31. Philologus (6 p.).
Joosse, Albert (14-01-2014). Dialectic and who we are in the Alcibiades. Phronesis, 59 (1), (pp. 1-21) (21 p.).
Joosse, Albert (03-10-2014). Foucault's Subject and Plato's Mind - A Dialectical Model of Self-Constitution in the Alcibiades. Philosophy and Social Criticism
Joosse, Albert (2014). Weise Übereinstimmung - die Stoiker über Freundschaft und Konflikte. In Sabrina Feickert, Anna Haut & Kathrin Sharaf (Eds.), Faces of Communities - Social Ties between Trust, Loyalty and Conflict (pp. 209-225). Göttingen: V&R unipress.
Joosse, Albert (2013). Griekse versus christelijke liefde?. Radix, 39 (2), (pp. 124-139).
Joosse, Albert (2010). On Belonging in Plato's "Lysis". In Ralph Rosen & Ineke Sluiter (Eds.), Valuing Others in Classical Antiquity (pp. 279-302). Leiden: Brill.
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Socratic educations: the ancient reception of the Alcibiades Maior
01-09-2014 tot 14-04-2018
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What is good education? This project will investigate Greco-Roman thought about this question through the interpretative history of the Platonic dialogue Alcibiades. Here Socrates, the exemplary philosopher, teaches Alcibiades, the brilliant traitor. The text therefore offers later readers an inspiring example as well as a challenge: what if things go wrong?

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