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Linda Senden studied international law (1992), European Studies (1992) and Dutch law (1996) at the University of Amsterdam. She obtained her doctorate degree in law in 2003 at Tilburg University for her thesis on Soft law in European Community Law. Its relationship to legislation (Hart Publishing, 2004).

She was lecturer in European law at the University of Amsterdam (1992-1993) and Tilburg University (from 1994 onwards), where she was later appointed professor of EU law (2004). She joined the Law Department and Europa Instituut of Utrecht University in 2011, where she holds the chair in EU law. She has been visiting professor at the University of Michigan, University of Connecticut, the National University of Singapore, Koç University (Istanbul), University of Rijeka (Croatia), University of Vilnius (Lithuania), University of Aruba and University of Konstanz (Germany).

 Academic tasks

She is co-director of the Law Department research programme and centre on ‘Shared Regulation and Enforcement in Europe’ (RENFORCE,; member of the Law Department Research Board; member of the board of ‘Trust, Citizenship and Democracy’, one of the five pillars of the University research focus area on ‘Institutions of the Open Society’ (IOS); and director of the LL.M programme on European law. She currently co-teaches courses on European constitutional law, Judicial protection and enforcement in EU law, Foundations of EU Law and Dynamics of Law in international and European perspective (for Legal Research master students). She also teaches at the Hague Academy for Legislation (Academie voor Wetgeving) and the Academy for Civil Servants (Academie voor Overheidsjuristen).

 Research focus

In her research she focuses on the institutional and constitutional dimension of EU law, with a specific interest in regulatory and enforcement aspects of the European integration process, in its interaction with the national legal orders. The overall question that triggers her interest is: how does shared authority between the European and national levels get shape and what does this mean for the position and development of different institutions and in terms of the legitimacy and effectiveness of the European integration process? She also has a research interest in the constitutional foundations and governance design of transnational private regulation. From 2010 to 2013, she was co-leader of an international research project on this topic, funded by the Hague Institution for the Internationalization of the Law. She also holds specific expertise and a research interest in European sex equality law.

Expert activities:

- Member of the committee European integration of the Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (AIV), advisory body on international and European affairs to the Dutch government and parliament

- Member of the Executive Committee of the Network of National Experts on Equality of Men and Women of the European Commission (DG Justice)

- Member of the Steering Committee of the Community of Practice on Co- and Self-regulation in Europe, European Commission (DG Connect)

Recent expert advice has included a study for the European Parliament on non-enforceable/non-binding EU-instruments, which resulted in the following report (with T. van den Brink): Checks and balances of soft rule-making in the EU, Study for the European Parliament, PE 462.433, 96 pp., March 2012, accessible on: In 2013, a study has been performed for the European Parliament as well, on the legal admissibility of the Commission’s proposal for a Directive on gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges.

She is also member of the editorial board of the Utrecht Law Review, NTER (the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht/Dutch Journal for European Law) and the European Gender Equality Law Review.

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European Law Engelstalig
Legal Research Onderzoeksmaster
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Alle publicaties
  2018 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
van Eijken, H., Senden, L.A.J. & Safradin, B. (2018). The “Refugee crisis”: a crisis of law, will or values?. In Dina Siegel & Veronika Nagy (Eds.), The Migration Crisis? Criminalization, Security and Survival (pp. 27-60) (34 p.). The Hague: Eleven Publishing.
  2018 - Rapporten
  2018 - Invited talk
Senden, L.A.J. (08-11-2018) Invited speaker Connect Limburg and Honorary Consuls of France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg Young European Talents event
  2017 - Artikelen
Senden, L.A.J. & Nicolosi, S. (31-12-2017). Een eerste balans van het Europees burgerinitiatief, in het licht van de Anagnostakis-uitspraak en het EBI-herzieningsvoorstel. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht, 2017 (9-10), (pp. 241-249).
Senden, L.A.J. (2017). The Constitutional Fit of European Standardization Put to the Test. Legal Issues of Economic Integration, 44 (4), (pp. 337-352) (16 p.).
  2017 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
Kruisinga, S.A. & Senden, L.A.J. (2017). Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards in the Netherlands: Waiting on the World to Change. In C. Seierstad, H. Mensi-Klarbach & P. Gabaldon (Eds.), Gender Diversity in the Boardroom (pp. 177-204). Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
  2017 - Artikelen in bundels / proceedings
Senden, L.A.J. (2017). Europese functionele regulering binnen experimentele constitutionele kaders. In M.A. Heldeweg & V.I. Daskalova (Eds.), Constitutionele mogelijkheden en beperkingen voor experimenteel handelen en experimentele wetgeving (pp. 27-38). Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers.
  2017 - Rapporten
Senden, L.A.J. & , (2017). Brexit means Brexit - Op weg naar een nieuwe relatie met het VK. (57 p.). Den Haag: Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken.
  2017 - Websites / portals
Klinger, K. & Senden, L.A.J. (03-01-2017). How Failing Aggregates Brought About a Landmark Decision of the CJEU.
  2017 - Hosting an academic visitor
Senden, L.A.J. (08-03-2017) Host Paul Craig Renforce/IOS fellow
  2017 - Invited talk
Senden, L.A.J. (12-06-2017) Invited speaker ERA EU Equality Law seminar in Krakow, Poland. Contribution on positive action
Senden, L.A.J. (01-12-2017) Invited speaker European Commission Legal seminar of the European Equality Law Network
Senden, L.A.J. (15-03-2017) Invited speaker University Treviso The Brexit...Untangling the Gordian Knot and its constitutional implications
Senden, L.A.J. (07-04-2017) Invited speaker European Standardisation for the Internal Market and its Constitutional Challenges Lund (06-04-2017 - 07-04-2017) The Constitutional Fit of European Standardisation Put to the Test
Senden, L.A.J. (21-09-2017) Invited speaker Seoul National University, Human Rights Center The EU Equality Approach. Its Potential, Practice and Pitfalls
  2017 - Visiting an external academic institution
Senden, L.A.J. (20-10-2017) Visiting researcher Lund University External assessor at final assessment seminar of PhD-thesis on Regulatory Use of European Standardisation: Mapping the Interplay between Harmonised European Standards, EU Law, and the Internal Market by Megi Medzmariashvili
Senden, L.A.J. (03-07-2017) Visiting researcher Peking University Summer course on EU external trade relations with China
  2016 - Artikelen
Idriz, N.F. & Senden, L.A.J. (2016). De ‘nieuwe generatie’ Associatieovereenkomst tussen de EU en Oekraïne en zijn constitutionele context. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht, 22 (3), (pp. 90-98) (9 p.).
Senden, L.A.J. (2016). Het Commissiepakket 'betere regelgeving voor betere resultaten' en het nieuwe Interinstitutioneel Akkoord beter wetgeven: too little, too late?. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht, 2016 (6), (pp. 211-220) (10 p.).
Visser, M. & Senden, L.A.J. (19-01-2016). Nederland bekommert zich niet om topvrouwen. NRC Handelsblad
Kruisinga, S.A., Senden, L.A.J. & Lennarts, M.L. (24-05-2016). Van symboolwetgeving naar een aanpak die wél werkt - Een rechtsvergelijkende beschouwing over de vraag hoe m/v-diversiteit kan worden gerealiseerd in de top van het Nederlands bedrijfsleven. Nederlands Juristenblad, 2016 (21), (pp. 1470-1479 ) (10 p.).
  2016 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
van den Brink, A., Senden, L.A.J., Widdershoven, R.J.G.M. & van den Brink, J.E. (15-05-2016). National Report: The Netherlands. In J. Czuczai, P. Darak, P Lancos, M. Szabo & A.Z. Varga (Eds.), Division of Competences and Regulatory Powers between the EU and the Member States - FIDE Conference proceedings 2016 (pp. 625-676) (51 p.). Budapest: Wolter Kluwer.
  2016 - Rapporten
  2015 - Artikelen
Senden, L.A.J. (03-10-2015). NEE! Het referendum over het associatieverdrag EU/Oekraine. NRC Handelsblad
Senden, L.A.J. (2015). Schaduwgebieden van Europese regulering. RegelMaat, 30 (5), (pp. 338-353).
Senden, L.A.J. (30-05-2015). Voor de EU: meer macht voor ons in kleine landen. NRC Handelsblad
  2015 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
Buijze, A.W.G.J., Koning, I. & Senden, L.A.J. (2015). Efficiency or Justice? Compensating for Power Imbalances under EU Telecommunications, Air Transport and Gender Equality Law. In Ton van den Brink, Michiel Luchtman & Miroslava Scholten (Eds.), Sovereignty in the Shared Legal Order of the EU - Core Values of Regulation and Enforcement (pp. 31-55) (25 p.). Antwerp: Intersentia.
Senden, L.A.J. (2015). Getting Women on Company Boards in the EU - A Tale of Power-Balancing in Three Acts. In Nada Bodiroga-Vukobrat, Sinisa Rodin & Gerald G. Sander (Eds.), New Europe - Old Values? Reform and Perseverance (pp. 77-95) (19 p.). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.
Senden, L.A.J. (2015). Instellingen en rechtsbronnen: overzicht en ontwikkelingen. In W.T. Eijsbouts, J.H. Jans, A. Prechal & L.A.J. Senden (Eds.), Europees recht. Algemeen deel (pp. 40-71) (32 p.). Groningen: Europa Law Publishing.
  2015 - Boekredactie
Eijsbouts, W.T., Jans, J.H., Prechal, A. & Senden, L.A.J. (2015). Europees Recht - Algemeen Deel. (442 p.). Groningen: Europa Law Publishing.
  2015 - Rapporten
Senden, L.A.J., Kica, E., Klinger, Kilian & Hiemstra, M.I. (13-03-2015). ‘’Mapping Self- and Co-regulation Approaches in the EU Context’’ - Explorative Study for the European Commission, DG Connect. (83 p.). European Commission.
van Staden (vz), A., van Esch, Femke, Richelle, J.N.M., Schout, A., Senden, L.A.J., Trojan, C.G. & de Zwaan, J.W. (2015). Gedifferentieerde integratie: verschillende routes in de EU-samenwerking. (42 p.). the Hague: Advisory Council of International Affairs (AIV).
  2015 - Voordrachten / lezingen
L.A.J. Senden (22-10-2015) Kick-off speech
L.A.J. Senden (18-06-2015) Kick-off speech
L.A.J. Senden (30-11-2015) Panellist
L.A.J. Senden (07-03-2015) Presentation of paper 'Re-evaluating soft law in European public and private governance', with C. Scott
L.A.J. Senden (23-04-2015) Presentation on "The evolution of the EU Refit policy and the IIA on Better Lawmaking. Better regulation as a shared responsibility"
L.A.J. Senden (08-12-2015) Presentation on 'Gender-balanced company boards in the EU: state of play and future outlook'
L.A.J. Senden (24-11-2015) Presentation on 'Reconciliation - Laws to facilitate work-life balance for working parents'
L.A.J. Senden (24-11-2015) Presentation on reconciliation work-private life
L.A.J. Senden (16-06-2015) Presentation on 'The scope of and for self-regulation in the context of the EU' at conference on 'Cosmetics at the crossroads of science and regulation'
L.A.J. Senden (19-03-2015) Regulering van staatssteun tussen markt en samenleving
L.A.J. Senden (07-01-2015) Round table over advies HvJ EU inzake toetreding tot het EVRM
  2014 - Artikelen
Senden, Linda (2014). The Multiplicity of Regulatory Responses to Remedy the Gender Imbalance on Company Boards. Utrecht Law Review, 10 (5), (pp. 51-66) (16 p.).
  2014 - Rapporten
Hirsch Ballin , E.M.H., den Boer, M.G.W., Buitenweg, K.M., Lawson, R.A., Senden, Linda, Verrijn-Stuart, H.M. & Thomassen, W.M.E. (2014). De rechtsstaat: waarborg voor Europese burgers en fundament van Europese samenwerking. (48 p.). Den Haag: Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken.
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Senden, Linda (2014). Promoting Women in Leadership. Comparative Study on Legal and Regulatory Approaches in Europe to Increase the Share of Women in Middle and Higher Management Positions. (33 p.). Confédération Europeénne des Cadres (CEC European Managers) .
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  2014 - Televisie- of radio-optredens
L.A.J. Senden (24-02-2014) Presentation on 'National regulatory strategies to increase the share of women in middle and higher management positions'
  2013 - Artikelen
Senden, L.A.J. & Visser, M. (2013). Balancing a Tightrope: The EU Directive on Improving the Gender Balance among Non-Executive Directors of Boards of Listed Companies. European Gender Equality Law Review, 2013 (1), (pp. 17-33) (17 p.).
van den Brink, A & Senden, L.A.J. (2013). De Europese Unie en nationale soevereiniteit: Wel degelijk verenigbare grootheden. Ars aequi, 5, (pp. 355-370) (16 p.).
Senden, L.A.J. (2013). Soft post-legislative rulemaking in the EU: A Time for More Stringent Control. European Law Journal, 19 (1), (pp. 57-75) (19 p.).
  2013 - Rapporten
Senden, L.A.J. & Burri, S.D. (2013). Advice European Parliament on the gender quota-proposal of the European Commission (COM (2012) 614 final 14.11.2012); report (I) initial findings and report (II) the appropriateness of Article 157(3) as the legal basis. (23 p.). European Commission.
Senden, L.A.J. (2013). Transnational private regulation in the area of human rights. Executive summary. (37 p.). HiiL.
Senden, L.A.J. (2013). Transnational private regulation in the area of human rights. Unit report. (96 p.). HiiL.
  2013 - Voordrachten / lezingen
L.A.J. Senden (29-11-2013) Chair of the workshop on positive action
L.A.J. Senden (07-03-2013) European Commission’s proposal for a directive on gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges
L.A.J. Senden (10-12-2013) European self- and co-regulation. Relevance of developing a shared knowledge-base
L.A.J. Senden (17-01-2013) Legitimacy as a precondition for succesful co-regulation and its toolbox
L.A.J. Senden (18-01-2013) New instruments for better regulation of private law; soft law, the ultimate solution?
L.A.J. Senden (27-02-2013) Non-discriminatory job classification systems
L.A.J. Senden (06-11-2013) Stuurloos Europa? Gedeeld gezag in beeld, woord en daad
  2012 - Artikelen
Senden, L.A.J. (2012). Gender-related assumptions: or how old habits die hard. European Gender Equality Law Review, 1, (pp. 1-3) (3 p.).
  2012 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
Senden, L.A.J. (2012). Changes in the relative importance of sources of law – The case of EU soft law. In U. Neergaard & R. Nielsen (Eds.), European Legal Method – in an Multi-Level EU Legal Order (pp. 225-260) (36 p.). Copenhagen: DJOF Publishing.
van den Brink, A & Senden, L.A.J. (2012). Het samengestelde Europese wetssysteem. In H.R.B.M. Kummeling (Eds.), De samengestelde Besselink: bruggen bouwen tussen nationaal en internationaal recht (pp. 45-55) (11 p.). Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers.
Senden, L.A.J. (2012). Hoofdstuk 2 –Instellingen en rechtsbronnen: overzicht en ontwikkeling. In T. Eijsbouts, J. Jans, A. Prechal & L.A.J. Senden (Eds.), Europees recht. Algemeen deel (pp. 36-65) (30 p.). Groningen: Europa Law Publishing.
  2012 - Rapporten
  2011 - Artikelen
Senden, L.A.J. & Luijendijk, H. (2011). De gelaagde doorwerking van Europese administratieve soft law in de nationale rechtsorde, preadvies voor Nederlandse Vereniging voor Europees recht. SEW, tijdschrift voor Europees en economisch recht, 59 (7-8), (pp. 312-353) (42 p.).
Senden, L.A.J. (2011). Het Europees burgerinitiatief, Symboolwetgeving of daadwerkelijke democratische versterking van de Unie?. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht, 9, (pp. 308-315) (8 p.).
Senden, L.A.J., Cafaggi, F. & Scott, C. (2011). Introduction. The Conceptual and Constitutional Challenge of Transnational Private Regulation. Journal of Law and Society, 38 (1), (pp. 1-19) (19 p.).
Senden, L.A.J. (22-08-2011). Plicht tot soberheid in eurozone bestaat al. NRC
Curtin, D.M. & Senden, L.A.J. (2011). Public Accountability of Transnational Private Regulation: Chimera or Reality?. Journal of Law and Society, 38 (1), (pp. 163-188) (26 p.).
  2011 - Boeken
Senden, L.A.J., Cafaggi, F. & Scott, C. (2011). The Challenge of Transnational Private Regulation. Conceptual and Constitutional Debates. Dublin: Wiley-Blackwell.
  2011 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
Senden, L.A.J. (2011). Gelijke behandeling, participatie en effectiviteit als fundamenten van het Unieburgerschap. In A. van den Brink, S.A. de Vries & M.P.A. DeKoninck (Eds.), Beginselen bouwen burgerschap (pp. 27-48) (22 p.). Den Haag: Boom.
  2011 - Voordrachten / lezingen
L.A.J. Senden (04-10-2011) Chair
L.A.J. Senden (15-09-2011) Panellist op symposium ‘Verwijzen, verwachten en beslechten’
L.A.J. Senden (08-11-2011) Presentation on ‘Changes in the relative importance of sources of law – the case of soft law’
L.A.J. Senden (04-11-2011) Presentation on ‘EU administrative soft law and rulemaking procedures’
L.A.J. Senden (11-08-2011) Presentation on Constitutional and Comparative Challenges of Transnational Private Regulation
L.A.J. Senden (12-10-2011) Presentation: ‘The Positioning of the Citizen in EU-Law. How Coherent is the Union’s Approach?’
  2010 - Boeken
Prechal, A., Eijsbouts, W.T., Jans, J.H. & Senden, L.A.J. (2010). Europees Recht - Algemeen Deel. Sinds het Verdrag van Lissabon. (403 p.). Groningen: Europa Law Publishing.
  2005 - Boeken
Besselink, L.F.M., Senden, L.A.J., Steyger, E. & Widdershoven, R.J.G.M. (2005). Grondwet voor Europa wettekst en vergelijking met de geldende basisverdragen. (256 p.). Den Haag: SDU, editie 2005/2006.
  2003 - Editorial activity
Senden, L.A.J. (2003 2018) Editorial board member Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht (Journal)
  0 - Voordrachten / lezingen
L.A.J. Senden () How ‘smart’ is European financial market regulation?
L.A.J. Senden () Presentation of research findings of the HiiL human rights case studies
  0 - Prize (including medals and awards)
Senden, L.A.J. 2012 Recipient Benoeming tot lid van de Commissie Europese Integratie van de Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken (adviesorgaan van de Nederlandse regering en Staten-Generaal)
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  • Lid van het Executive Committee van het Europese Commissie Netwerk Gelijke Behandeling van Mannen en Vrouwen (DG Justice)
  • Lid van het Steering Committee van de Community of Practice on Co- and Self-regulation in Europe, European Commission (DG Connect) 
  • Lid van de Adviesraad Internationale Vraagstukken, commissie Europese Integratie (adviesorgaan van de Nederlandse regering en parlement)
  • Vaste gastdocent aan Academie voor Wetgeving en Academie voor Overheidsjuristen
  • Lid van verschillende tijdschriftredacties: Utrecht Law Review, European Gender Equality Law Review en Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees recht
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