Dr. Joas Wagemakers

Universitair hoofddocent
030 253 1998

Generally speaking, Joas Wagemakers is interested in the intellectual history of modern Islam, with a focus on political thinking among Islamists. He always tries to contextualise ideology by placing it in the broader political and socio-economic history in which ideas are produced, transformed and adopted and he often tries to look for links with early-Islamic history to explain modern debates.
Wagemakers' research has concentrated on Salafism and particularly Salafi ideology; the Muslim Brotherhood; citizenship, women's rights and Shiites' rights in Saudi Arabia; and Hamas. Geographically, his interests lie mostly in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories, although he also spends time reading international Jihadi-Salafi discourse.
Apart from the usual forthcoming publications here and there, Wagemakers is currently working on the intellectual history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan. He is also a member of the Utrecht Young Academy, a platform for the exchange of critical perspectives on academia, policy and society in Utrecht and beyond.