Dr. Jochem Thijs

Dr. Jochem Thijs

Universitair hoofddocent
Interdisciplinaire sociale wetenschap
030 253 5560

I am an associate professor at the department of Interdisciplinary Social Science and a researcher at ERCOMER at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I studied social and cross-cultural psychology at Utrecht University and did my PhD in educational psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

My research interest is in diversity attitudes and intergroup relations, particularly among youth and in educational contexts.

I teach Introduction to Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology to bachelor students, and I am involved in the research master Migration and Ethnic Relations (MERM).


Please check out our recently edited book: 

Smeekes, A., & Thijs, J.  (Eds.)(2022). Migration and Ethnic Relations: Current directions for theory and research – Liber Amicorum for Maykel Verkuyten