J.R. (Jennifer) Casey

Medewerker onderwijsontwikkeling
Education Institute Chemistry

Research Publications:

  • Casey, J.R., Supriya, K., Shaked, S., Caram, J.R., Russell, A., Courey, A.J. (2023) Participation in high-structure general chemistry course increases student sense of belonging and persistence to organic chemistry, Journal of Chemical Education, 100 (8), 2860-2872.
  • Russell, A., Casey, J.R., Barr, K.K. (2023) A Modest Change to a Freshman Kinetics Experiment that Reduces Lab Time without Compromising Student Results, Journal of Chemical Education, 100 (2), 974-977.
  • Casey, J.R., Schwartz, B.J., Glover, W.J. (2016) Free Energies of Cavity and Noncavity Hydrated Electrons at the Air/Water Interface, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7, 3192-3198.
  • W.J. Glover, J.R. Casey, B.J. Schwartz (2014) Free Energies of Quantum Particles: The Coupled-Perturbed Quantum Umbrella Sampling Method, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 10 (10), 4661-4671.
  • J.R. Casey, A. Kahros, B.J. Schwartz (2013) To Be or Not to Be in a Cavity? The Hydrated Electron Dilemma, Feature Article, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117 (46), 14173-14182.
  • J.R Casey, R.E. Larsen, B.J. Schwartz (2013) Resonance Raman and Temperature-Dependent Electron Absorption Spectra of Cavity and Noncavity Models of the Hydrated Electron, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (8), 2712-2717.