Dr. Jacopo Mazza

Adam Smith Hall (AA)
Kriekenpitplein 21-22
3584 EC Utrecht

Dr. Jacopo Mazza

Universitair docent
Sectie Applied Economics

My research focus lies primarily in the field of economics of education and the economics of migration, with overlaps to labor economics and political economy. As an applied economist I address policy-relevant questions on how the economic environment and individual behavior and decisions made by individuals both play a role in determining how much human capital is gained and how successful people are. I'm also interested in exploring the factors that influence opinions on migration, the degree to which these opinions remain stable, and how they affect the economic success of migrants.

I joined Utrecht University as an Assitant Professor in November 2022. Before that, I was a Lecturer in Economics at the Universities of Manchester and Essex, and a Scientific Officer with the European Commission - Joint Research Centre where I was advising the various services of the Commission on matters related to migration.

I am no stranger to the Netherlands since I moved here for the second time upon joining U.S.E. Prior to this, I spent quite a few years in Amsterdam while doing my Master's and Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam, which I successfully completed in 2012.