Prof. dr. ir. Jan Broersen

Theoretische Filosofie
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Mathematical Ability ConferenceJ.M. Broersen (Organiser)
15 Apr 201917 Apr 2019


A Stit-Logic Analysis of Practical Knowledge and Knowing-HowJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
15 Dec 2017
, Doxastic Agency and Epistemic Logic
John HortyJan Broersen (Host)
Dec 2017
Tracing back Moral Responsibility for OutcomesJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
10 Nov 2017
, OZSW Annual conference 2017
How to Approach the Problem of Coming to Responsible Intelligent Systems?Jan Broersen (Invited speaker)
31 Oct 2017
, Computational Accountability and Responsibility in Multiagent Systems
Practical Ignorance as an ExcuseJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
29 Sept 2017
, International Workshop on Big Data, Reasoning and Decision Making (BRaD 2017)
Actions speak louder than propositions, or not?Jan Broersen (Invited speaker)
15 Sept 2017
, Trends in Logic XVII
Reconsidering the BOID: new directions for a logic-based computational cognitive architectureJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
21 Jun 2017
, King's College Workshop on Distributed Agents
Frederik van der PuttenJan Broersen (Host)
6 Feb 20178 Feb 2017


Formal semantics for backwards looking responsibility: who downed MH17?Jan Broersen (Invited speaker)
16 Dec 2016
, 29th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems
Paolo TurriniJan Broersen (Host)
30 Nov 20162 Dec 2016
A stit-logic approach to agency, power and opportunity in Newtonian time and spaceJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
12 Nov 2016
, workshop on Real Possibilities and Branching Time
Getting a Formal Grip on ResponsibilityJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
29 Oct 2016
, Workshop on Agency and Causation: Formal and Conceptual Issues
A stit logic approach to agency, power and opportunity in Newtonian time and spaceJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
20 Sept 2016
, Workshop on Agency and (Quantum) Physics
PhD examination Xin SunJan Broersen (Primary supervisor)
Jun 2016
PhD examination Antje RumbergJan Broersen (Primary supervisor)
Jun 2016
Tussen angst en onverschilligheid: het juiste perspectief op de opkomst van artificiële intelligentieJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
18 May 2016
, Masterclass ‘robotisering’ at the Dutch ministry of transportation
How to make intelligent systems behave responsibly?Jan Broersen (Invited speaker)
21 Apr 2016
, OZSW Graduate Conference in Theoretical Philosophy
Intention as the locus of moral responsibilityJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
18 Mar 2016
, ICR symposium, Luxembourg
Agents Necessitating Effects in Newtonian Time and Space: from Power and Opportunity to EffectivityJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
26 Feb 2016
, LIRa Seminar (Seminar on Logic and Interactive Rationality), ILLC
Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) (External organisation)Jan Broersen (Member)
1 Jan 20161 Jan 2021


A Stit-Logic Analysis of Practical Knowledge and Knowing-HowJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
25 Nov 2015
, LMU Workshop on Deontic Logic and Ethics
Colloquium Department of Philosophy IIJan Broersen (Participant)
4 Nov 2015
Intelligentie, Kasparov en angst voor de singulariteitJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
27 Oct 2015
, Nacht van Descartes (Utrecht)
TBM colloquiumJan Broersen (Participant)
26 Oct 2015
ILIAS SeminarJan Broersen (Participant)
6 Oct 2015
Objectivity versus Subjectivity and Contribution versus Avoidance in Formal Theories of Shared ResponsibilityJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
4 Aug 2015
, Let’s act! - Formal models of collective agency, intention, and responsibility
Responsibility and the Probability of Action EffectsJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
5 Jul 2015
, Formal Ethics 2015: Practical Reasoning and Responsibility
Incognito and Studium Generale (Host: USCKI)(Utrecht)Jan Broersen (Participant)
15 Jun 2015
Incognito and Studium Generale (Host: USCKI)(Utrecht)Jan Broersen (Participant)
5 Jun 2015
PhD examination Niels van MiltenburgJan Broersen (Primary supervisor)
Jun 2015
ISIS Seminar, ICS, UUJan Broersen (Participant)
7 Apr 2015
A spatial stit-logic approach to real possibilitiesJan Broersen (Invited speaker)
19 Mar 2015
, Real Possibilities, Indeterminism, and Free Will


Phd examination Truls PedersenJan Broersen (Primary supervisor)
Dec 2014