Jochem Riesthuis PhD




Wetenschappelijke publicaties

Riesthuis, J. (2021). Experiments in Passing: Racial Passing in George Schuyler’s Black No More and Arthur Miller’s Focus. In H. Charlery, & A. Guillain (Eds.), Erasure and Recollection: Memories of Racial Passing (pp. 221-236). (Nouvelle poétique comparatiste ; Vol. 44). Peter Lang Verlag.


Wetenschappelijke publicaties

Riesthuis, J. (2018). Engelstalige Caribische Literatuur. Levende Talen Magazine, 105(3), 20-25.
Riesthuis, J. (2018). “Work, Race, and the Performance of Gender in Ann Petry’s The Street”. In M. S. Gogol (Ed.), Working Women in American Literature 1865-1950 (pp. 109-120). Lexington Books.


Wetenschappelijke publicaties

Riesthuis, J. (2014). “Insanity and Innocence: The First World War Episode in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man”. In C. A. Rísquez, & C. Stretch (Eds.), Innocence and Loss: Representations of War and National Identity in the United States (pp. 121-134). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.