Dr. J.E.S. (Jessi) van der Hoeven

Dr. J.E.S. (Jessi) van der Hoeven

Universitair docent
Materials Chemistry and Catalysis
030 253 7036

March 2024
PhD candidates Marianne Bijl, Just Pé Jonasse and Marta Perxés enthusiastically presented their work at the N3C conference! Below Marianne's beautiful poster on her inverse opal work for photocatalysis.


February 2024
Our collaboration with the Aizenberg group at Harvard University, led to a paper in Nature Catalysis! Thank you, Marta, for your beautiful 3D electron microscopy work on these nanoparticle catalysts.


September 2023
Nienke Visser starts as a postdoc in our team. She will work on in situ gas phase TEM for oxidation catalysis. Welcome, Nienke!

August 2024
Jessi travelled to San Francisco to present at the ACS Fall conference in the special symposium for Prof. Cynthia Friend. Congratulations to Cynthia for her impressive accomplishments and great mentorship over all these years!


May 2023
PhD candidate Marta presents her beautiful in situ TEM results at the EMRS in Strasbourg!


January 2023
Welcome to the team, Greg! He has started his master project under supervision of Marta and is quantifying strain in AuPd core-shell catalysts.


September 2022
New paper out! "Unravelling 1-Hexene hydrogenation over dilute Pd-in-Au alloys" (link) is a collaborative effort with the Sautet (UCLA), Aizenberg (Harvard) and Friend (Harvard) groups. We report that the preference of dilute alloys for alkene isomerization rather than hydrogenation finds its origin in the relatively high barriers for H2 dissociation and hydrogen spill-over from Pd sites onto the Au host. 


June 2022
Our Account on the self-assembly and applications of Inverse Opals just came out. It was a pleasure to write it together with Anna Shneidman, Natalie Nicolas and Joanna Aizenberg. 


May 2022
Happy to be attending the NAM27 conference in New York, and feeling grateful for the inspiring visits at Tufts, MIT, Harvard and Columbia University


May 2022
Very proud of PhD candidate Marta, presenting her beautiful work on core-shell catalysts for the first time at the NCCC conference.


April 2022
How to fabricate nanoscale "sensors"? In a collaborative effort with the van Blaaderen group, we fabricated a new type of 3D assemblies made of gold nanorods, and demonstrate their use in detecting trace amounts of molecules. You can find our publication in Advanced Functional Materials here.


December 2021
A NWO Veni grant was awarded to Jessi. In the coming years, her team will be using it to unravel the role of lattice strain on the performance of core-shell catalysts. 


December 2021
Jessi wins the Van Arkel prize awarded by KNCV Soft Matter! Congratulations to fellow-finalists Dr. Pepijn Moerman and Dr. Alessandro Ianiro.


December 2021
How can we make use of CO2 and convert it in synthetic natural gas? In her talk today at #NWOCHAINS2021 PhD candidate Nienke Visser explained how this is done using nickel nanoparticle catalysts. Very well done, Nienke!



November 2021
Jessi presented her work on raspberry-colloid-templated catalysts from her postdoc time at Harvard University in the Debye Lunch lecture. You can find the abstract here



November 2021
Dr. Christian Reece from the Rowland Institute at Harvard University visited our group (Reece Lab). In his seminar he shared the latest results from his lab. Beautiful kinetic measurements and a great visit!