dr. Jacobine Buizer-Voskamp
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YOUth cohort study - Executive director
Consortium on Individual Development - Project manager

The YOUth cohort is a large-scale, long-term cohort study. YOUth follows children from before birth until the age of 18. This study with repeated measurements consists of two independent but related samples from the general population. The YOUth cohort is part of the NWO Gravitation Consortium on Individual Development (CID) and the University Utrecht Strategic Theme Dynamics of Youth

As executive director of the YOUth cohort I am responsible for all organizational, financial and business issues. 

Furthermore, I am project manager of CID. For all CID researchers I am the first point of call. I support both the program leader and the members of the steering committee. Furthermore, I am responsible for monitoring the progress of activities, sub projects, and output. I maintain contacts within and outside the research programs, including the advisory boards. I coordinate the editing of the progress reports and accountability reports.

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dnAGEnetics Genomic copy number variants and parental age as risk factors for psychiatric disorders




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