Dr. Juri Viehoff

Universitair docent
Ethiek Instituut

I am a philosopher working at the Ethics Institute in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. I joint Utrecht September 2023. Before that, I was a permanent lecturer (assistant professor) in political theory at the University of Manchester’s MANCEPT. From 2019 to 2021, I was a Research Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, where I worked on solidarity. And before that, I was a postdoc at University of Zurich’s Centre for Ethics.


 My core research field is moral and political philosophy, specifically economic ethics/PPE, with adjacent interests in social philosophy and philosophy of technology. What drives my research is the desire to advance our understanding of pressing social and political issues and to find real solutions for real institutions. To that end, my work frequently combines philosophical analysis with research in political economy, public policy, political science and law in an interdisciplinary way. Specifically, my recent work has focused on two research pillars:

  1. The political philosophy of digital transformation, in particular the societal impact of Artificial Intelligence technologies.
  2. The political morality of novel transnational institutions and global governance

Since both these topics relate to imminent challenges we all face as political communities, I have always considered making an impact beyond the confines of academic philosophy an integral part of my role as a professional philosopher. 


You can find more about my work on my website: https://www.juriviehoff.net