Jack Davies

Onderzoeks- en onderwijsmedewerker

Jack is a focused, curious and engaged researcher driven by pushing the boundaries of humanity's collective knowledge and finding innovative solutions to complex real-world issues. He combines his unique skillset and collaborative, enthusiastic approach in socially-relevant, forward facing research projects, eager to apply himself to the challenge of securing a flourishing future for humanity.

As a generalist Jack has developed a unique systems thinking-driven perspective on long-term global governance and the future of global power relations. He has applied this perspective in research on the following topics: emerging, disruptive and transformational military technologies; the militarisation of space; special operations forces; transparency and accountability for military force; biotechnology and existential risk; environment, climate & conflict; institutions for global space governance; sustainable finance; societal transformation.

He is always eager to pursue opportunities for collaborative, innovative, impact-oriented research, and is especially keen to expand his expertise into the following areas: ecology, biodiversity and security; cooperative principles and institutions; technology & wisdom; applied systems thinking; digital minds; politics of climate crisis.

Jack is currently working as a Research Assistant for Utrecht University's Deep Transitions Project and as Researcher on the Intimacies of Remote Warfare Programme, investigating issues relating to climate and environmental crises and contemporary conflict. Additionally, he publishes short articles on a variety of security-related topics as a Junior Fellow the Human Security Centre.