Jeroen has a twenty year track record in international cooperation and he has extensive experience in science policy. His liaisons with international research organizations has given him great understanding how to tackle issues from different perspectives. His drive is working together with a diverse group of people in a global setting, his ability is bringing together various opinions and moving forward into one direction, especially within a broad cultural context.

He is passionate about contributing to a more future-proof planet. He believes that if people set their minds to addressing complex issues together that we jointly build a more sustainable and inclusive world. He has successfully shaped international knowledge networks to serve that goal.

Key words: international cooperation, policy, research, network building, partnerships, knowledge security, capacity building, poverty reduction, climate change, food security, water management, programme management, coordination, international organizations, science, policy advice, strategic course, excellence, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America

Sleutelwoorden: internationale samenwerking, beleid, onderzoek, netwerken, partnerschappen, kennisveiligheid, capaciteitsopbouw, armoedebestrijding, klimaatverandering, voedselzekerheid, watermanagement, programma management, coƶrdinatie, internationale organisaties, wetenschap, beleidsadvies, strategische koers, excellentie, Afrika, Aziƫ, Europa, Noord-Amerika

Networks: embassies, universities, ministries, academies of sciences, research organisations, professors, researchers (all international)

His responsibilities at SO&O include:

* Strategy international partnerships (focus: Europe)
* Liaison for LERU (League of European Research Universities)
* Knowledge Security
* Coordinator Prince Claus Chair
* Liaison Research Center for Italian and Dutch-Flemish art & culture (NIKI)