Prof. dr. I. (Ieke) Moerdijk

Workshop on infinity operads, The Netherlands
2018, 11 to 14 June (website)

Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine, The Netherlands


KAN lectures 

About the Kan Memorial Lectures (pdf)

  • 2015, 9-10 June, Michael Hopkins ‘Algebraic and Topological Vector Bundles’
  • 2016, 2-3 June, Graeme Segal (pdf), ‘The Ubiquity of Homotopy’
  • 2017, 1-2 June, Ib Madsen, ‘The Algebraic Topology of Diffeomorphism groups’, programme (pdf)
  • 2018, 14-15 June, Eric Friedlander, ‘Modular Representation Theory’, programme (pdf)
  • 2019, 23-24 May, Fabien Morel, ‘A^1-algebraic topology: basic ideas and results’, programme (pdf)
  • 2022, 15-16 December, Luc Illusie, 'Lectures on the de Rham complex', programme (pdf), Slides (pdf)
  • 2023, 12-13 October, Mikhail Kapranov ‘Adjoint functors, continued fractions and categorified perverse sheaves’, programme (pdf)
  • 2024, 26-27 September, John Jones

European Autumn School in Topology, The Netherlands