Dr. Ilse Josepha Lazaroms

Dr. Ilse Josepha Lazaroms



2021: Duets: A Memoir (Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Cossee)

2021: Vinter. Een roman (Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Cossee)

2018: Draaideur, by Katja Lange-Müller. Translated from the German with Els Snick. Amsterdam: Wereldbibliotheek 2018 (translator)

2014: The Politics of Contested Narratives: Biographical Approaches to Modern European History (co-edited with Emily R. Gioielli). London: Routledge

2013: The Grace of Misery: Joseph Roth and the Politics of Exile, 1919–1939. Brill’s Series in Jewish Studies, Vol. 47. Leiden & Boston: Brill (hardcover, paperback, e-book) * Winner of the Victor Adler State Prize 2015

2002: The Making of European Women’s Studies, Volume III: A Work in Progress Report on Curriculum Development and Related Issues in Gender Education and Research (co-edited with Rosi Braidotti and Esther Vonk). Utrecht: Utrecht University Press 2002 (editor plus co-author of the Introduction)


Peer-reviewed articles (selected)

2020: “Jewish Railway Car Dwellers in Post-World War I Hungary: Citizenship and Uprootedness.” People(s) on the Move: Refugees and Immigration Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe during the Twentieth Century, edited by Joachim von Puttkamer (forthcoming)

2020: “Humanitarian Encounters: Charity and Gender in Post-World War I Jewish Budapest.” Jewish History 33 (1): 115–132, special issue on Jewish women in East Central Europe, edited by Elissa Bemporad and Glenn Dynner, DOI 10.1007/s10835-019-09344-0

2018: “Local Faces, Human Crimes: New Histories of the Hungarian Holocaust.” East Central Europe 45, no. 1 (April 2018): 119–127

2016: “Hotel Patriots or Permanent Strangers? Joseph Roth and the Jews of Interwar Central Europe.” Special issue on “Jews on the Move: Particularist Universality in Modern Cosmopolitanist Thought,” eds. Sander L. Gilman and Cathy Gelbin, European Review of History 23, No. 5–6: 814–827

2014: “Borderlands: Joseph Roth’s Dystopian Imagination.” Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook 13 (2014): 215–236

2014: “Marked by Violence: Hungarian Jewish Histories in the Wake of the White Terror, 1919–1922.” Zutot: Perspectives on Jewish Culture 11 (2014): 39–48

2013: “‘In the Beginning was the Garden’: Arthur Schnitzler and the Politicization of Jewish Identities in Fin-de-Siècle Central Europe.” Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 58 (2013): 219–231

2012: “The Double Bind of Self-Narration: Joseph Roth, Jewish Identity, and the Undercurrents of European Modernity.” Special issue on “The politics of contested narratives: biographical approaches to modern European history,” European Review of History 19, No. 5: 693–710


Chapters in Books (selected)

2017: “Across the Rupture: Jewish Survivor-Writers and the Landscapes of War in Post-World War II Central Europe.” Catastrophe and Utopia: Jewish Intellectuals in Central and Eastern Europe, 1933 to 1956, edited by Ferenc Laczó. Munich: De Gruyter, 205–219

2014: “‘Unwelcome Guests’: The Legacy of Violence in the Work of Hungarian Jewish Writers.” Yearbook for European Jewish Literature Studies (AEJLS) 1 (2014), edited by Petra Ernst. Munich: De Gruyter, 236–251


Essays (in Dutch literary journals)

2020: “Dream House as Resurrection: Carmen Maria Machado on Intimate Partner Violence in Queer Relationships." Dutch Review of Books (#2 2020, April)

2019: “Lost Children Archive: On Mothers and/as Migrants.” Dutch Review of Books (#6 2019). Originally published as “Grensoverschrijdend moederschap: literaire roadmaps van liefde en verlies.”

2018: “New Emptiness: On Motherhood and the Body.” Dutch Review of Books (#2 2018) Originally published as “De nieuwe leegte: over moederschap en het lichaam.”

2018: “Epilogue” / “Nawoord.” Spoken in Moskou. Reportages en brieven uit Rusland, door Joseph Roth. Vertaald door Els Snick, voorwoord door Tom Lanoye (Bas Lubberhuizen 2018)

2017: “Epilogue” / “Nawoord.” In het land van de eeuwige zomer. Reportages uit Frankrijk, door Joseph Roth. Vertaald door Els Snick, voorwoord door Bart van Loo (Bas Lubberhuizen 2017)

2017: “Thuiskomen in de taal.” Filter, tijdschrift voor vertalen 28.06.2017 [Coming Home in Language]

2017: “Van socialisme naar barbarij: Orbáns strijd tegen alles dat anders is.” Met Tivadar Vervoort. De Nederlandse Boekengids 02.04.2017 [From Socialism to Barbarism: Orbán's Battle Against Everything That Is Different]