Dr. H.F. (Herman) Egberink

Dr. H.F. (Herman) Egberink

Universitair hoofddocent


Synopis of performance in research and education

Herman Egberink studied veterinary medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, the Netherlands where he graduated in 1983. In the same year he joined the Department of Virology, at this same faculty. The first period as research assistant and lecturer, from 1990 onwards as assistant professor and from 1997 as associate professor.  From 1983 onwards he has gained expertise in classical as well as molecular virological studies and  techniques. In 1991 he finished his PhD entitled: "FIV infection: an animal model for AIDS" His research activities focus on studies in the field of pathogenesis,  development of diagnostics, vaccine development and antiviral therapy of virus infections .

He was responsible for and gained excellent expertise in the organization of animal experimental studies within several projects at the Virology Division related to the development of novel vaccines or therapeutics.


He has also  a long track record in the provision, development and the organization of education within the Veterinary faculty.  With a focus on his own discipline, general virology and viral diseases but also with attention to interdisciplinary teaching. Before 2000 he was member of several  committees responsible for the development and organization of teaching courses in the different curricula. Since 2000 he became increasingly involved in the organization of education. His interest in teaching is also reflected in following the leadership program of the Center of Excellence in University Teaching (CEUT).   As teaching coordinator of the department I&I , he was co-initiator of the establishment of the so-called  “teaching pool” (onderwijspool) with the aim to ensure the quality and quantity of the education provided by the department.  Since 2003 he is also supervisor of this team.  He was a member of the project group for Programme outcomes of the veterinary curriculum , member of the blueprint committee for the development of the Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine, and  member and chairman of the project team that was responsible for the implementation of the Bachelor curriculum by supporting the different block and line education committees.  During the development of the Master programme (2008-2010) he was member of the three clinical Master development committees and chairman of the committee for the development of the Master program in Hygiene Microbial and Pathological diagnostics (HMPD). Currently he is also member of two of the standing clinical Master education committees and chairman of the standing education committee HMPD