Dr. Hielke Vriesendorp

Universitair docent
Language structure: variation and change



Macro, meso, micro approaches to queer linguistics: Variation in non-binary pronouns in DutchHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
13 Oct 2023
, New Ways of Analyzing Variation
De impliciete sociale betekenis van het FriesHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
6 Oct 2023
, Dei fan de Fryske Taalkunde
Hoe worden non-binaire voornaamwoorden deel van onze taal?Hielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
29 Sept 2023
, Betweter Festival 2023
Gender Questions: Reconciling Explicit Representation and Category Resistance in Survey ResearchHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
21 Jul 2023
, Linguistic Intersections of Language and Gender
How to ask about gender: An LGBTQ+-based, data-driven approach to gender questions in survey researchHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
6 Jul 2023
, International Gender and Language Association
Minority genders in quantitative survey research: a data- driven approach to reconciling explicit representation and category resistanceHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
11 Mar 2023
, Lavender Languages and Linguistics


What is your gender? Six-option multiple choice questions as the most accurate, inclusive and clearest measure of participant gender in survey research.Hielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
9 Dec 2022
Do surface forms and systematic variation change differently? Morphosyntactic evidence from the Corpus of Sheffield UsageHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
5 Dec 2022
, Third Angus McIntosh Centre Symposium
Is nowt on its way out? Dialect levelling in the North of EnglandHielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
25 Nov 2022
"Omg zo fashionably english". Codeswitching to English as an identity practice in the chatspeak of a group of gay adolescents​Hielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
25 Oct 2022
, Albion Symposium on Queer Speech
Nieuwe methodes voor onderzoek naar de verwerking van sociale betekenis​Hielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
6 Oct 2022
, Workshop LaboratoriumsociolinguĂŻstiek
"Omg zo fashionably english" How the 'anglification' of the Netherlands can help young gay men position themselves in the social landscapeHielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
5 Aug 2022
Sociolinguistic processing in hybrid exemplar theory: do we use lexical or sublexical representations?Hielke Vriesendorp (Presenter)
25 Jun 2022
, Conference of Laboratory Phonology
Segments, not lexical exemplars, as the main carriers of socio-phonetic meaningHielke Vriesendorp (Presenter)
7 Apr 2022
, Colloquium of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians
Is nowt on its way out? Morphological dialect levelling in Sheffield EnglishHielke Vriesendorp (Speaker)
1 Apr 2022
, Sociolinguistics Circle
Data gedreven taalkunde: Taalverandering in het Noorden van EngelandHielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
17 Jan 2022


Social meaning in hybrid exemplar theory: what linguistic units carry social meaning?Hielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
9 Dec 2021
The Storage of Social Meaning beyond ExemplarsHielke Vriesendorp (Presenter)
20 Oct 2021
, New Ways of Analysing Variation
What Size Linguistic Units Do Listeners Use to Recognise Accents?Hielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
10 Sept 2021
, UK Language Variation and Change
Allophonic Representations as the Main Carriers of Social MeaningHielke Vriesendorp (Invited speaker)
21 Aug 2021
, Variation and Language Processing