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Gaëtan studied Experimental Psychology at Ghent University (2012) and then obtained his PhD there under the supervision of prof. dr. Jan De Houwer (May 2016; title of the thesis: "Fear learning via verbal instructions and stimulus pairings"). Since november 2016 he is working as a postdoctoral researcher together with prof. dr. Iris Engelhard and dr. Dieuwke Sevenster on the VICI project "A new approach to fear reduction by disrupting reconsolidation of threat memories". His research is concerned with investigating and optimizing new techniques that focus on the weakening of fearful memories and to translate these findings to a clinical context to improve therapeutic outcomes.

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Alle publicaties
  2018 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Mertens, G., Boddez, Yannick, Sevenster, D., Engelhard, I.M. & De Houwer, J. (2018). A review on the effects of verbal instructions in human fear conditioning: Empirical findings, theoretical considerations, and future directions. Biological Psychology, (pp. 49-64).
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  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kissi, Ama, Hughes, Sean, Mertens, Gaëtan, Barnes-Holmes, Dermot, De Houwer, Jan & Crombez, Geert (2017). A Systematic Review of Pliance, Tracking, and Augmenting. Behavior Modification, 41 (5), (pp. 683-707).
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  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Mertens, Gaëtan, Raes, An K. & De Houwer, Jan (01-02-2016). Can prepared fear conditioning result from verbal instructions?. Learning and Motivation, 53, (pp. 7-23) (17 p.).
Mertens, Gaetan, Kuhn, Manuel, Raes, An K., Kalisch, Raffael, De Houwer, Jan & Lonsdorf, Tina B. (2016). Fear expression and return of fear following threat instruction with or without direct contingency experience. Cognition and Emotion, 30 (5), (pp. 968-984).
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