Dr. G. (Gerrit) Koop

Dr. G. (Gerrit) Koop

Universitair hoofddocent
Duurzame Gezondheid van Herkauwers
030 253 1248

I am the course coordinator of

- The prep program, a summerschool course to prepare non-UU bachelor students for admission in the UU masters Veterinary Medicine

- the Basic Clincial Rotation Farm Animal Health (within the Master Veterinary Medicine)

- the course Small Ruminant Health (within the Master Veterinary Medicine)

I am a teacher in Veterinary epidemiology (within the bachelor and master Veterinary Medicine, and in the master Epidemiology and in the online platform Elevate), and several other courses and supervise multiple research interns in the MSc Epidemiology and in the MSc Veterinary Medicine.