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Plets, G.F.J. (2016). Heritage Statecraft: When archaeological heritage meets neoliberalism in Gazprom's resource colonies, Russia. Journal of Field Archaeology, 41 (3), (pp. 368-383) (16 p.).
Plets, G.F.J., Reeves, Keir & Stichelbaut, Birger (2016). Remembering Uncertainty - The World War II Warscape of the Australian Northern Territory. In B. Stichelbaut & D. Cowley (Eds.), Conflict landscapes and archaeology from above (pp. 167-184). Farnham, Burlington: Ashgate Publishing.
Bourgeois, J., Cheremisin, D. V., Plets, G., Dvornikov, E. P., Ebel, A. V., Stichelbaut, B., Van Hoof, L. & Gheyle, W. (01-12-2014). An Archaeological Landscape in the Dzhazator Valley (Altai Mountains) - Surface Monuments and Petroglyphs from the Chalcolithic to the Ethnographic Period. Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia, 42 (4), (pp. 106-119) (14 p.).
Plets, Gertjan, Konstantinov, Nikita, Soenov, Vasilii & Robinson, Erick (01-10-2013). Repatriation, doxa, and contested heritages - The return of the Altai Princess in an international perspective. Anthropology and Archeology of Eurasia, 52 (2), (pp. 73-98) (26 p.).
De Reu, Jeroen, Plets, Gertjan, Verhoeven, Geert, De Smedt, Philippe, Bats, Machteld, Cherretté, Bart, De Maeyer, Wouter, Deconynck, Jasper, Herremans, Davy, Laloo, Pieter, Van Meirvenne, Marc & De Clercq, Wim (2013). Towards a three-dimensional cost-effective registration of the archaeological heritage. Journal of Archaeological Science, 40 (2), (pp. 1108-1121) (14 p.).
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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network program CHEurope: Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe (2017-2020)
01-06-2017 tot 01-06-2020
Algemene projectbeschrijving 

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network grant for the program CHEurope: Critical Heritage Studies and the Future of Europe - towards an integrated, interdisciplinary and transnational training model in cultural heritage research and management.

The consortium consists of 21 European academies and museums, led by the University of Gothenburg. Utrecht University participates in the € 3,9 million project with one of the 15 PhDs in the subprojects project “Mining transnational reference cultures in multilingual and multimedia repositories” that is developed with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum. 

CHEurope aims to develop a new integrated theoretical and methodological framework to enhance the academic and professional training and open future job opportunities in cultural heritage preservation, management and promotion. Heritage has commonly been perceived through its contingent relationship to other areas, preventing it to be considered as a “legitimate” scientific discipline. Moreover, research and practice in this field are still too often seen as separate dimensions. Thus, there is an increasing need to address these diverging trends in the expanding heritage industry with a critical approach that situates cultural heritage in its social, economic and political frameworks, as well as in professional practice.

Bringing together a network of key European academic and non-academic organisations, the project will explore the processes by which heritage is “assembled” through practice-based research in partner institutions that connect students to their future job markets and publics. Our aim is to inform more conventional aspects of cultural heritage designation, care and management with a strong focus on present and future consumers. The project will develop an advanced learning strategy based on the emerging field of Critical Heritage Studies, which combines theoretical and instrumental knowledge at a transnational and interdisciplinary level, in a series of research seminars, summer schools and secondments.

The program is based on themes where cultural heritage is undergoing profound change, such as Heritage Futures, Curating the City, Digital Heritage, Heritage and Wellbeing and Management and Citizen Participation. In so doing, this research will have a direct impact on future heritage policies and be linked explicitly to new modes of training. These will enable future practitioners to facilitate a more democratic and informed dialogue between and across various heritage industries and their users, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in this field.

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3e geldstroom - EU: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network program

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Teaches a variety of courses in the field of heritage, anthropology and bureaucracy 

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