Fatemeh Naghshvarian

Islam en Arabisch

Fatemeh Naghshvarian is a PhD candidate for the ERC Advanced Grant Beyond Sharia: the Role of Sufism in Shaping Islam, focusing on the project Qalandars in the ‘Divine Religion’ in India. She will study the works of the poet laureate Feyzi (1547-1595) in conjunction with other contemporaries of the laureate such as Orfi Shirazi(1555- 1595), to examine the formation of “Divine Religion” (din-e elahi) at the Indian Mughal court of Emperor Akbar. By seeking to understand the pertinent influences of antinomian thoughts and heterodox religious thinking within Islam, she aims to navigate the impact of Islamic critical thinking on shaping the political implications of Divine Religion and “Universal Peace” in 16th-century Mughal India.

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