Florentine Sterk MA

Language and communication
Junior universitair docent
Liberal Arts and Sciences



Science murals as science communicationFlorentine Sterk (Speaker)
16 Jan 2024
, Descartes Centre Colloquium on Mural Paintings and the Art of Communication


Popularization of interdisciplinary research: A toolkit for non/academic boundary crossingFlorentine Sterk (Presenter)
15 Nov 2023
, National Conference on Interdisciplinary Education


Practice makes perfect: Perceived learning outcomes of popularization education in undergraduate liberal education studentsFlorentine Sterk (Presenter)
17 Mar 202218 Mar 2022
Translational Skills and Interdisciplinary EducationFlorentine Sterk (Invited speaker)
16 Feb 2022
, Transmission in Motion (TIM) seminar (2021-2022): "Practices of Translation"


Saving the world, one scicomm text at a time: Liberal education and the art of science communication.Florentine Sterk (Presenter)
12 May 2021
, Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST) 2020+1
Baseline assessment in higher education. A case study of popularization skills at Liberal Arts and Sciences.Florentine Sterk (Presenter)
4 Mar 2021
, Third Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference
Popularization in Interdisciplinary SettingsFlorentine Sterk (Invited speaker)
3 Mar 2021


Saving the world, one #scicomm text at a time: liberal education and the art of science communication (postponed because of Covid-19)Florentine Sterk (Invited speaker)
26 May 202028 May 2020


Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019Florentine Sterk (Presenter)
24 Oct 201926 Oct 2019
Interdisciplinarity RevisitedFlorentine Sterk (Presenter)
2 Oct 20194 Oct 2019
University of the West of England - BristolFlorentine Sterk (Visiting researcher)
14 Sept 20199 Nov 2019