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Since September 2016, Eva Vriens works as a PhD candidate at the Utrecht University Department of Sociology and the Interuniversity Center of Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) in the Netherlands. Her dissertation focuses on cooperative behavior in institutions for collective action (ICA). She investigates which combinations of factors promote or hinder cooperation using a combination of theoretical analysis, lab experiments, and survey research.

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Vriens, Eva & van Ingen, E. (15-08-2017). Does the rise of the Internet bring erosion of strong ties? Analyses of social media use and changes in core discussion networks. New Media and Society, (pp. 1-18) (18 p.).
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Vriens, E. (11-07-2017) Invited speaker XVI Biennial IASC Conference Utrecht (10-07-2017 - 14-07-2017) Collective action problems in mutual insurance associations
Vriens, E. (04-09-2017) Invited speaker WINIR 2017 Utrecht (14-09-2017 - 16-09-2017) Sustained cooperation in mutuals: Determining correlates of success using the case of Dutch Broodfondsen
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A multidisciplinary approach to understand successful collective action: The case of Dutch mutuals
01-09-2016 tot 31-07-2019
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During the last decade, the number of institutions for collective action (e.g., self-organized insurance in mutuals) has risen significantly across Europe, and in the Netherlands in particular. Why do some initiatives succeed, while others fail? To what extent does success depend on the individuals involved or the initiative’s social and institutional properties? In this project, we aim to answer these questions by combining individual, social, and institutional factors in a multidisciplinary approach. Abstract experiments and observations of real-life behavior are combined to derive multi-faceted causal evidence on success factors for collective action, specifically aiming to uncover institutional opportunities for optimizing success of mutuals. 

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