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  2018 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Pallottini, E. (2018). Monumentalisation et mise en scene de reliques dans l'espace sacré - Les listes épigraphiques de reliques (VIII-XII s.). Pouvoir des listes au Moyen Age - Ecriture de la liste Paris : La Sorbonne.
Pallottini, E. (2018). The epigraphic presence on the Borghorst Cross (ca. 1050) - Inscriptions and Interactions. Materiale Textkulturen (17 p.).
  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Pallottini, E. (19-05-2017) Invited speaker Reliquie, (In-)Schrift, Raum Heidelberg (18-05-2017 - 19-01-2018) A matter of presence. Relics, saints and their written names on reliquaries.
Pallottini, E. (18-09-2017) Participant Expert meeting Thiofrid of Echternach Utrecht (18-09-2017)
Pallottini, E. (05-04-2017) Organiser First Workshop MEDNAME Utrecht Utrecht (05-04-2017 - 06-04-2017)
Pallottini, E. (25-10-2017) Invited speaker LIMITS Madrid (25-10-2017) 'Instrumenta' between Antiquity and Middle Ages. The case of inscriptions on reliquaries
Pallottini, E. (03-07-2017) Organiser International Medieval Congress Leeds 2017 Leeds (03-07-2017 - 06-07-2017) Co-organizer of the strand of sessions: Relics at the interface of textuality and materiality, c.400-c.1200
Pallottini, E. (13-06-2017) Participant MEDNAME Poitiers (13-06-2017 - 14-06-2017)
Pallottini, E. (05-04-2017) Invited speaker First Workshop MEDNAME Utrecht Utrecht (05-04-2017 - 06-04-2017) Names and (instead of?) relics: the material evidence.
Pallottini, E. (08-11-2017) Invited speaker Third workshop MEDNAME Poitiers Poitiers (08-11-2017 - 09-11-2017) Names and relics-II: the case of relic lists on reliquaries (11th-12th c.)
Pallottini, E. (03-07-2017) Invited speaker International Medieval Congress Leeds 2017 Leeds (03-07-2017 - 06-07-2017) Relics on the cross, relics inside the cross: Relics lists on cross reliquaries (11th-12th c.)
  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Pallottini, E. (03-07-2016) Organiser 22nd International Medieval Congress - Leeds Leeds (03-07-2016 - 07-07-2016) Co-organiser with dr. Janneke Raaijmakers of the Round Table discussion: "What did writing do for relics?"
Pallottini, E. (17-03-2016) Invited speaker EpiMed (Epigraphie Médiévale) Madrid (17-03-2016 - 18-03-2016)
Pallottini, E. (14-10-2016) Organiser Expert meeting on inscriptions and cult of relics Utrecht (13-10-2016) Expert meeting on inscriptions, graffiti and cult of relics, with the participation of Pr. Carlo Tedeschi (University of Chieti, Italy), dr. Janneke Raaijmakers, PhD candidate Jelle Visser, dr. Erik Goosmann and dr. Rob Meens (Utrecht University). Th
Pallottini, E. (04-11-2016) Participant Handbooks for Carolingian priests III – An international workshop Utrecht (04-11-2016)
Pallottini, E. (02-12-2016) Invited speaker Changes Senses of Sacrality Helsinki (01-12-2016 - 02-12-2016) Presentation of a paper entitled: "Inscribing Sanctity. The uses of writing on Romanesque reliquaries for 'making' relics (11th-12th c.)"
Pallottini, E. (05-12-2016) Invited speaker Presentation of the Post-doc research project Turku (05-12-2016)
Pallottini, E. (13-10-2016) Invited speaker Response to Carlo Tedeschi's lecture : "Medieval graffiti. A neglected Historical Source" Utrecht (13-10-2016)
Pallottini, E. (03-06-2016) Organiser Workshop on Inscriptions and reliquaries Poitiers (03-06-2016) Co-organizer with dr. Vincent Debiais (CESCM, University of Poitiers)
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Pallottini, E. (14-05-2015) Invited speaker 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies Kalamazoo (14-05-2015 - 17-05-2015)
Pallottini, E. & Debiais, Vincent (2015). Epigraphie et Liturgie - Entre écriture, paroles et gestes (X-XII s.). Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novi, 20, (pp. 285-302) (17 p.).
Pallottini, E. (04-05-2015) Invited speaker Project ANR 'POLIMA' (Pouvoir des Listes au Moyen Age) Paris (04-05-2015 - 05-05-2015) Presentation of a paper entitled : "Monumentalisation et mise en scene des listes dans l’espace sacré. Les inscriptions d’identification des reliques"
Pallottini, E. (22-09-2015) Invited speaker Questions about (researching) relics Utrecht (22-09-2015)
Pallottini, E. (08-06-2015) Invited speaker Materia, scrittura, testo. Il culto delle reliquie attraverso le pratiche epigrafiche. Chieti (08-06-2015) Seminar on inscriptions and cult of relics in the Early Middle Ages: overview of the postdoctoral project "Inscribing sanctity" within the NWO-VIDI Project "Mind over Matter. Debates about relics as sacred objects, c. 350-c.1150"
Pallottini, E. (30-01-2015) Participant Workshop on Religion and Material culture Utrecht (30-01-2015)
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Mind over matter. Debates about relics as sacred objects, c. 350-c. 1150
01-06-2014 tot 31-05-2018
Algemene projectbeschrijving 

With the cult of relics, Christians explored the use of the material world to reach their god and achieve salvation. Contrary to what is often maintained, however, the role of relics in Christian religious life was not self-evident and unchallenged. From their earliest history on, the boundaries of interaction between the material and the divine provoked debate and dissent. Could the remains of saints embody the divine or were they references to the divine? Should they be venerated or was this idolatry?

This project is the first attempt to systematically map out these discussions and disagreements in the West from Late Antiquity until c. 1150. It investigates the learned debates on the role of matter in Christian devotion (project 1) and analyses their relation to the practices of the saints’ cults themselves (projects 2 and 3). Instead of focusing solely on normative texts and text editions, as is usually done, this project foregrounds neglected material: inscriptions engraved at cult sites and marginal annotations in manuscripts that expressed new ideas and controversial thoughts. Additionally, the project explores the material objects themselves: relics, the reliquaries in which they were kept and the physical setting of the cult.

Within the broader context of recent interest in the relationship of materiality to religion, this project advances scholarship by increasing our understanding of the role matter played in Christian devotion in the medieval West, the discussions it raised and their historical developments. By combining the study of material culture and traditional historical and philological methods, this project will bring into focus dissent and diversity rather than orthodoxy and unity.

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