Dr. Eva Midden

Universitair docent
030 253 8172


Eva Midden is Assistant Professor in Gender Studies, at the Media and Culture Studies Department, at Utrecht University. Together with Dr. Domitilla Olivieri she is the coordinator of the RMA Programme in Gender Studies. She has a masters degree in Political Science from the University of Leiden (Netherlands) and a PhD in Philosophy (University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom). Her thesis is entitled:  'Feminism in Multicultural Societies. An Analysis of Dutch Multicultural and Postsecular Developments and their Implications for Feminist Debates’. She was recently involved in the European Research Project ‘MIGNET’ for which she conducted research on migration, gender and religious practices in new media. Midden's current research focuses on gender, religion and national identity in the context of conversion to Islam. Her general research interests include feminists theory, postcolonial theory, intersectionality, (post)secular(ism), whiteness and media analysis. Midden is also member of the board of the Catharina van Tussenbroek fund.