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  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Bakkers, Mark J G, Lang, Yifei, Feitsma, Louris J, Hulswit, Ruben J G, de Poot, Stefanie A H, van Vliet, Arno L W, Margine, Irina, de Groot-Mijnes, Jolanda D F, van Kuppeveld, Frank J M, Langereis, Martijn A, Huizinga, Eric G & de Groot, Raoul J (08-03-2017). Betacoronavirus Adaptation to Humans Involved Progressive Loss of Hemagglutinin-Esterase Lectin Activity. Cell Host and Microbe, 21 (3), (pp. 356-366) (11 p.). Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved..
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  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Bakkers, Mark J G, Zeng, Qinghong, Feitsma, Louris J, Hulswit, Ruben J G, Li, Zeshi, Westerbeke, Aniek, van Kuppeveld, Frank J M, Boons, Geert-Jan, Langereis, Martijn A, Huizinga, Eric G & de Groot, Raoul J (31-05-2016). Coronavirus receptor switch explained from the stereochemistry of protein-carbohydrate interactions and a single mutation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113 (22), (pp. E3111-E3119).
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Langereis, Martijn A, Bakkers, Mark J G, Deng, Lingquan, Padler-Karavani, Vered, Vervoort, Stephin J, Hulswit, Ruben J G, van Vliet, Arno L W, Gerwig, Gerrit J, de Poot, Stefanie A H, Boot, Willemijn, van Ederen, Anne Marie, Heesters, Balthasar A, van der Loos, Chris M, van Kuppeveld, Frank J M, Yu, Hai, Huizinga, Eric G, Chen, Xi, Varki, Ajit, Kamerling, Johannis P & de Groot, Raoul J (18-06-2015). Complexity and Diversity of the Mammalian Sialome Revealed by Nidovirus Virolectins. Cell Reports Copyright © 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved..
Diebolder, Christoph A, Halff, Els F, Koster, Abraham J, Huizinga, Eric G & Koning, Roman I (01-12-2015). Cryoelectron Tomography of the NAIP5/NLRC4 Inflammasome - Implications for NLR Activation. Structure with Folding & design, 23 (12), (pp. 2349-57) (9 p.). Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved..
Koymans, Kirsten J, Feitsma, Louris J, Brondijk, T Harma C, Aerts, Piet C, Lukkien, Eddie, Lössl, Philip, van Kessel, Kok P M, de Haas, Carla J C, van Strijp, Jos A G & Huizinga, Eric G (01-09-2015). Structural basis for inhibition of TLR2 by staphylococcal superantigen-like protein 3 (SSL3). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (35), (pp. 11018-23) (6 p.).
  2014 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Volokina, E., Jakobi, A.J., Urbanus, R.T, Huizinga, E.G., Sluiter, H., Middel, C., Westra, D., van Heerde, W.L., van de Kar, N. & van den Heuvel, L. (2014). Novel sequence variation affects GPIb α in post-diarrheal hemolytic uremic syndrome. Journal of nephrology & therapeutics, S11 (5 p.).
Halff, Els F., Versteeg, Marian, Brondijk, T. Harma C & Huizinga, Eric G. (01-01-2014). When less becomes more - Optimization of protein expression in HEK293-EBNA1 cells using plasmid titration - A case study for NLRs. Protein Expression and Purification, 99, (pp. 27-34) (8 p.).
  2013 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Karper, J.C., Ewing, M.M., de Vries, M.R., de Jager, S.C.A., Peters, E.A.B., de Boer, H.C., van Zonneveld, A.J., Kuiper, J., Huizinga, E.G., Brondijk, T.H.C., Jukema, J.W. & Quax, P.H.A. (2013). TLR accessory molecule RP105 (CD180) is involved in post-interventional vascular remodeling and soluble RP105 modulates neointima formation. PLoS One, 8 (7), (pp. 1-9) (9 p.).
  2012 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Jakobi, A.J. & Huizinga, E.G. (2012). A rapid cloning method employing orthogonal end protection. PLoS One, 7 (6), (pp. 1-9) (9 p.).
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Brondijk, T.H.C., Bihan, D., Farndale, R.W. & Huizinga, E.G. (2012). Implications for collagen I chain registry from the structure of the collagen von Willebrand factor A3 domain complex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109 (14), (pp. 5353-5258) (6 p.).
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Langereis, M.A., Zeng, Q., Heesters, B., Huizinga, E.G. & de Groot, R.J. (2012). The murine coronavirus hemagglutinin-esterase receptor-binding site: a major shift in ligand specificity through modest changes in architecture. PLoS Pathogens, 8 (1), (pp. 1-8) (8 p.).
  2011 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Jakobi, A.J., Mashaghi, A., Tans, S.J. & Huizinga, E.G. (2011). Calcium modulates force sensing by the von Willebrand factor A2 domain. Nature Communications, 2:385, (pp. 1-9) (9 p.).
  2010 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Brondijk, T.H.C., de Ruiter, T., Ballering, J., Wienk, H., Lebbink, R.J., van Ingen, H., Boelens, R., Farndale, R.W., Meyaard, L. & Huizinga, E.G. (2010). Crystal structure and collagen-binding site of immune inhibitory receptor LAIR-1: unexpected implications for collagen binding by platelet receptor GPVI. Blood, 115 (7), (pp. 1364-1373) (10 p.).
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  2009 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  2008 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Marx, P.F., Brondijk, T.H.C., Plug, T., Romijn, R.A., Hemrika, W., Meijers, J.C.M. & Huizinga, E.G. (2008). Crystal structures of TAFI elucidate the inactivation mechanism of activated TAFI: a novel mechanism for enzyme autoregulation. Blood, 112, (pp. 2803-2809) (7 p.).
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  2007 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Milder, F.J., Gomes, L., Schouten, A., Janssen, B.J.C., Huizinga, E.G., Romijn, R.A., Hemrika, W., Roos, A, Daha, M.R. & Gros, P. (2007). Factor B structure provides insights into activation of the central protease of the complement system. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 14, (pp. 224-228) (5 p.).
  2006 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lisman, T., Raynal, N., Groeneveld, D., Maddox, B., Peachey, A.R., Huizinga, E.G., de Groot, Ph.G. & Farndale, R.W. (2006). A single high-affinity binding site for von Willebrand factor in collagen III, identified using synthetic triple-helical peptides. Blood, 108, (pp. 3753-3756) (4 p.).
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  2005 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  2004 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lenting, P.J., Westein, E., Terraube, V., Ribba, A.-S., Huizinga, E.G., Meyer, D., de Groot, P.G. & Denis, C.V. (2004). An experimental model to study in vivo survival of Von Willebrand factor - Basic aspects and application to the R1205H mutation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279, (pp. 12102-12109) (8 p.).
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  2003 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Vanhoorelbeke, K., Depraetere, H., Romijn, R.A.P., Huizinga, E.G., Maeyeri, M.D. & Deckmyn, H. (2003). A Consensus Tetrapeptide Selected by Phage Display Adopts the Conformation of a Dominant Discontinuous Epitope of a Monoclonal Anti-VWF Antibody That Inhibits the von Willebrand Factor-Collagen Interaction. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 278 (39), (pp. 37815-37821) (7 p.).
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  2002 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Oubrie, Arthur, Rozeboom, Henriëtte J., Kalk, Kor H., Huizinga, Eric G. & Dijkstra, Bauke W. (01-02-2002). Crystal structure of quinohemoprotein alcohol dehydrogenase from Comamonas testosteroni: Structural basis for substrate oxidation and electron transfer. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277 (5), (pp. 3727-3732) (6 p.).
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  2001 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  2000 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  1999 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  1997 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  1992 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
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  1991 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Chen, L., Mathews, F.S., Davidson, V.L., Huizinga, E.G., Vellieux, F.M.D., Duine, J.A. & Hol, W.G.J. (22-12-1991). Crystallographic investigations of the tryptophan-derived cofactor in the quinoprotein methylamine dehydrogenase. FEBS Letters, 287 (1-2), (pp. 163-166) (4 p.).
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