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Dieuwke Sevenster works as an assistant professor in the Experimental Psychopathology section within the department of Clinical Psychology. After receiving a PhD (2014) at the University of Amsterdam on human fear memory reconsolidation she continued to research memory processes in both animals and humans at the University of Leuven, funded by an FWO Flanders postdoctoral grant. Research interests: memory consolidation and reconsolidation; fear conditioning; generalization; translational research. 

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Alle publicaties
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Sevenster, Dieuwke, Hamm, Alfons, Beckers, Tom & Kindt, Merel (01-12-2015). Heart rate pattern and resting heart rate variability mediate individual differences in contextual anxiety and conditioned responses. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 98 (3), (pp. 567-576) (10 p.).
Gazendam, Femke J., Kamphuis, Jan H., Eigenhuis, Annemarie, Huizenga, Hilde M H, Soeter, Marieke, Bos, Marieke G N, Sevenster, Dieuwke & Kindt, Merel (01-03-2015). Personality Predicts Individual Variation in Fear Learning - A Multilevel Growth Modeling Approach. Clinical Psychological Science, 3 (2), (pp. 175-188) (14 p.).
  2014 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Kindt, Merel, Soeter, Marieke & Sevenster, Dieuwke (18-12-2014). Disrupting reconsolidation of fear memory in humans by a noradrenergic β-blocker. Journal of Visualized Experiments (94).
Sevenster, Dieuwke, Beckers, Tom & Kindt, Merel (28-02-2014). Fear conditioning of SCR but not the startle reflex requires conscious discrimination of threat and safety. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 8 (FEB).
Sevenster, Dieuwke, Beckers, Tom & Kindt, Merel (01-11-2014). Prediction error demarcates the transition from retrieval, to reconsolidation, to new learning. Learning and Memory, 21 (11), (pp. 580-584) (5 p.).
  2013 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Sevenster, Dieuwke, Beckers, Tom & Kindt, Merel (15-02-2013). Prediction Error Governs Pharmacologically Induced Amnesia for Learned Fear. Science, 339 (6121), (pp. 830-833) (4 p.).
  2012 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Sevenster, Dieuwke, Beckers, Tom & Kindt, Merel (2012). Instructed extinction differentially affects the emotional and cognitive expression of associative fear memory. Psychophysiology, 49 (10), (pp. 1426-1435) (10 p.).
Sevenster, Dieuwke, Beckers, Tom & Kindt, Merel (2012). Retrieval per se is not sufficient to trigger reconsolidation of human fear memory. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 97 (3), (pp. 338-345) (8 p.).
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